There’s a certain… Permission that people are looking for. It’s a reassurance that you aren’t a burden, that your presence is welcomed rather than tolerated. Even if you know people like you and want to be around you, hearing someone say it is liberating. And we’ve decided as a society that you should only say it to one person at a time.



I was tagged by ofjimkirk. c:

1. What’s your name? Leighann

2. When’s your birthday? February 22

3. Where are you from? Kansas

4. Have a crush? YES.

5. What’s your favorite color? Teal/lavender

6. Write something in all caps. I ALREADY DID THAT BUT OKAY.

7. Got a favorite band/artist? Mumford & Sons/Bastille

8. Favorite number? 2

9. Favorite drink? Iced tea

10. Tag 10 people. But I’m laaaaazy! Do it if you’d like. c:

i’m such a lazy turd for not working on my grump katamari dolls

like the danny one is ALMOST done, he only needs legs which will maybe take me an hour—2 hours tops to do but i’m so laaaaazy

rippedjeanriot asked:

I am so done with my Bio teacher rn, he hasn't bothered to teach us a single thing this entire year and now that finals are coming up he's giving us quizzes every single class and assigning us four chapters and 24 written response questions every night. He's expecting so much of us now and I'm just thinking to myself that it is not my fault that you suddenly decided to do you job! Ugh 😣

omg what even i’m sorry honey! not your fault he’s LAAAAAZY AND A LAAAAAAMEO <_> i really like my bio teacher though! she’s awesome tbh x

I love The Little Mermaid and all, but why are you taking up time that 5x12 could’ve been airing before 5x13? I know I have it on Amazon, but that would mean I’d have to log in there and deal with remote controls and I’d rather just sit you know? Just sit and have someone play PLL on the T.V. for me without me having to do a thing. Bahahaha! LaaAAAzy!