Great short documentary about the LA beat scene. Worth a watch! If you love Flying Lotus and over beat makers in Los Angeles.


Instrumental hip-hop should be banned. It’s the banal, meandering stepchild of hip-hop. It’s a front-runner for the dubious honor of being the world’s most snooze-inducing form of music. And, shockingly, there are still producers and fans who insist on validating it like it’s anything but sample-based Chinese water-torture – one of whom, RJD2, will be airing out his oh-so-atmospheric productions at Manor West on Wednesday, Feb.1.

good night in the boiler room tonight, and by ‘the boiler room,’ i mean some random bedroom in LA. they got ashtrejinkins (i swear i wrote about ’bad thoughts’ before, but for some reason i can’t find it now), ras g, and dibiase on the decks tonight. the sound’s been periodically glitching out though, and not in the good way.

I think it’s going to be one of the most important records out this year — not because of my involvement, but because it’s music that we are not hearing right now. A lot of the stuff that we’re hearing this year is very, very familiar. You can talk about mainstream stuff or you can talk about the underground stuff, but it’s all real familiar.
—  Flying Lotus on Thundercat’s The Golden Age of Apocalypse, which is due out August 30th via Brainfeeder and can be streamed right now here.

A room that transformed the LA music scene, and electronic music as a whole. The “LA Beat Scene” is documented in this amazingly shot video, 


the OGs

weaverbeats once again put out another mix on the 23rd, this ones a bit longer than usual, quite a few great songs in it, some I’ve heard of, some I’ve never heard of.  It has quite a few great moments, check it out.


1. Vibesquad - Dome Piece / El-P - Smithereens

2. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana

3. Go Yama X Gabonano - Ice Rod

4. Baauer - Iced Up

5. How to Dress Well - & It Was U (Spazzkid Remix)

6. Weaver Beats - Hmmm (unreleased)

7. Clams Casino - I’m Official (instrumental)

8. Gladkill - Statis

9. Joker - Here Come the Lights

10. Mr. Carmack - Say Yes Or Say No

11. Gold Panda - Brazil (Slow Magic Remix)

12. Phaeleh - Never Knew

13. A Theory - Elevens

14. Scuba - Tell Her

15. Space Baron - Water

16. Stwo - Syrup


I’ve been working on populating my revised, improved YouTube account (under the KiC header) so that I can add videos to my Flavors site via my iPhone. All this is in an attempt to build a site with absolutely no effort once everything is set up. Anyway, the visuals on this are great, and the music is fantastic. I haven’t liked Nosaj Thing on record nearly as much as I like him here. The rhythm and transitions are great, and while nobody really believes there isn’t a friendly competition between London and LA, I’m siding with LA for the moment if you were wondering.

Playlist of the Week: L.A. Beat Scene by Tristan H

Photo by Marco Kusumawijaya 

If you like the down tempo beats and vibes coming from the deeper side of L.A – the endless acres of warehouses and bent homes, ringed by rusted barbed wire and fed by urban grunge – this tracklist will keep you low sniffing the ground. Presented in all its purity by Tristan H, L.A. Beat Scene grows like grass through the cracks of broken pavement and crumbled foundations. 

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Monster Playground @ Earnest  Endeavours


FACT mix 277: Shlohmo
  • FACT mix 277: Shlohmo
  • Shlohmo
  • FACT Magazine

Nice Mix for Fact Mag from wizzard Shlomo

This year’s ‘Places’ single, a stunning walk through rustic dream-woods, contained all the distant beauty and underlying malevolence of classic Boards of Canada, and the album that followed, Bad Vibes, proved that it was no one-off. A more diverse listen, it was nonetheless bound together by a bittersweet richness that defined the album and elevated it beyond the work of his supposed peers. We were also big fans of his edits of Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room’ and Burial’s ‘Shell of Light’ that preceded it.

Shlohmo’s FACT mix is, frankly, sublime. In terms of genre, it’s all over the shop – from slowed-down edits of Tears for Fears, Clipse and Monica to Tom Waits and Charles Manson – but like Bad Vibes, it flows miraculously well, and feels cohesive in the face of diversity. We really can’t recommend it highly enough.

Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels (slowed and blowed mix)
Groundislava – Final Impasse
Charles Manson – Invisible Tears
Allure ft. Nas – Head Over Heels (slow) – cassingle
Three 6 Mafia – Stash Pot – Smoked Out, Loced Out
Asura – The Killing Moon (Echo and the Bunnymen cover) – shlohmo weirdo re-edit
Clipse ft. Bilal – Nightmares (slow) – Hell Hath No Fury
Salem – Release Da Boar – King Night
Monica – Sideline Ho (Chopped and Screwed)
Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross – White Sun – Blow EP
Excerpt from a dub cassette i found in a shoebox with my friend on mission st. san francisco.
Broken Sinead O’Connor cassette.
Big Mike – World of Mine (slow) – cassingle
The Weeknd – What You Need – House of Balloons
Karen O – Hello Tomorrow (slow) – audio rip from that adidas commercial from like 7 years ago or something
Tom Waits – Dirt in the Ground – Bone Machine
Shlohmo – Just Us – Bad Vibes

Wednesday night at Low End Theory was live! Every time I walk into the Airliner and enter that upper room, I’m hit with mind-bending sounds of every kind. Entire galaxies of sonic inspiration are b…


Jonwayne live in the Boiler Room Los Angeles 


If you haven’t seen this Flying Lotus short film yet then you are tripping. It is incredible.