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Announcing L7S2!

Squaresville Season 2 is on it’s way, so get ready for more make-outs, fun, and angst.

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Seriously, we wouldn’t have a season 2 without all of you, so thanks! We love making Squaresville, and we love that you love it even more.

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Fight the robots!

Update: See what a  Squaresville card is here.

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Squaresville Season 2 is here!

Will Zelda and Esther make up? What’s going on with Percy?

Our outro song was by Meghan Tonjes, so go check her out. 

Learn how to win an autographed Squaresville card from Mary Kate Wiles and Kylie Sparks here.

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In light of all of the Lydia drama, don’t forget about Tell Everyone Ever for season 2 of Squaresville!  More detail here.

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Q & Hey with Mary Kate Wiles and Matt Enlow: Squaresville Q&H 11
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Finally, Squaresville season 2!