I don’t even know what to write about this. We here at The Influencers are proud and extremely excited to present to you our next influencer Creative Loafing Atlanta. This company is as Atlanta as you possible can get. And they pretty much are the mainstay of what is going on in this city. You literally can find out about the best art shows, music events, random stories, and food happenings through this publication. A very special thanks to Debbie Michaud Bergeron Chad Radford and Gavin Godfrey for representing for Creative Loafing, allowing us to interview the interviewers, and being a part of the event. If you are to busy to read printed material, check out their site at http://clatl.com. I really don’t know what more I can say besides come out Thursday April 17th, 2014 at Edgewood Speakeasy starting at 10pm and as always this event is free. Bring your dance shoes and lets celebrate Atlanta.

The Influencers Present: Creative Loafing ATL (@cl_atlanta)

The Influencers Present: Creative Loafing ATL (@cl_atlanta)

Curated by Sean Fahie; a writer, an author, an artist who proudly wears Atlanta on his sleeve with his epic gulliness,  and one who brings us this awesome bi-weekly event, The Influencers,  has a special guest that should not surprise you: Atlanta’s very own Creative Loafing!

Creative Loafing is in my opinion what makes and keeps Atlanta lifestyle’s together and united. They have been around…

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Get to know Grace Lee our next influencer a little better. The Influencers this Thursday at Speakeasy on Edgewood. Starts at 10. 

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The Influencers Present: Dylan York

Tomorrow Night. But for now get to meet our first Influencer Dylan York

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Fresh Baked Cookies, Music, and life talk with SMKA. Get to know our next Influencers a little better

Our next Influencer can easily be said to be one of the Atlanta art scene stables. As former gallery manager at MINT gallery and an accomplished artist himself, Mike Germon (ARTIST) has been to more art shows in one night than most go to in 3 months. Mike works in the medium of collage and installations and draws from the visual elements of religious and scientific source materials. To see some of his work visit his site. (www.mikegermon.com) Mike is currently working on a new book which will feature his new works and will be accompanied by short stories and possibly poems by a few contributing writers. Expect to see the kickstarter for that and more of his work in the months to come.

Come out this Thursday April 3rd, 2014 to Speakeasy on Edgewood starting at 10 and celebrate Atlanta. As always this event is free and a great way to meet some of the people who help to shape and make Atlanta. And if nothing else there is always some good music to vibe too.

For me personally there is nothing that could be said that her actions in the city of Atlanta hasn’t already. BOSCO the singer/songwriter/event coordinator/designer/ does whatever the hell she puts her mind to and has been an influential force to be noticed and recognized. The Influencers are more than proud to present @BOSCO Thursday July, 18th at Speakeasy. Tell a friend, come out, and enjoy a great time with some of Atlanta’s great talents. 

We are excited and elated to present to you our next influencer Smka Beats. Beyond just a production team bringing you and producing some of your favorite Atlanta artist. They have grown into all aspects of the creative scene. The SMKA experience is truly a movement that has blessed this city with great events, great times, and even better people. We hope to find you at Speakeasy this Thursday on the 7th at 10 pm to celebrate such an Atlanta staple. And remember, this only cost you time and your willingness to see the people that help to shape this great city. 

We are very proud to have our next Influencer Speakerfoxxx. Most of your favorite parties or events this young lady has dj’ed it. Spinning an array of great music through out her set she has a defining sound that captures the crowd and keeps a party moving. Her resume is amazing. Spinning with the likes of Yelawolf, Gangsta Boo,and dj’ing at New York Fashion week and many other places just to name a few. Speakerfoxxx is an Atlanta staple when it comes to enjoying a great night out. Come out this Thursday October 17th at 10 pm at Speakeasy on Edgewood for free and celebrate Atlanta.

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The Knight Life Remix of Usher’s “Lemme See”. Entirely produced and remixed by L. Knight.

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It got kind of wild at this one.