At some point I realised that I had done too much for you, and you too little for me.
The only thing left to do was stop and to leave you alone, but it’s hard, its so hard and its killing me. I keep reminding myself that it’s not giving up and it’s not like I didn’t try. You were never mine, no matter how hard I tried.
—  Laura Elizabeth Ross
Maybe if I left you’d see how much I do for you
Maybe if I was gone with nothing but my endless string of lost bobby pins in the household to remind you
Maybe then you’d realise how much I gave up for you
Maybe if I left without a moments trace, maybe then we would be in love
Or you in love with me
Because honey after all the pain you’ve caused me
I think forever we will sleep separately
—  Laura Elizabeth Ross
The girl walked with a stance of defeat, across the bridge where the body lay. “Do you know this girl?” The official inquired. “Yes, yes I do” She said. “What’s your connection with the victim?” The official asked not caring much for the answer. “It’s hard to think that we were once lovers, but now, now she’s dead.
—  le-r, Laura Elizabeth Ross