At some point I realised that I had done too much for you, and you too little for me.
The only thing left to do was stop and to leave you alone, but it’s hard, its so hard and its killing me. I keep reminding myself that it’s not giving up and it’s not like I didn’t try. You were never mine, no matter how hard I tried.
—  Laura Elizabeth Ross
So I’m sitting here on my bed, with my red thermos of sweet sugary tea,
the tea that helps me sleep, I’m tired but not sleep deprived,
I’m tired,
I’m tired,
I’m tired,
I might not make it through the night.
—  Laura Elizabeth Ross, Tired Mind
I want to do what I want and be happy the way I want to be happy
I don’t need anyone for that, I need to be happy by myself, in the end it’ll only be me
But the suns coming down and it’s getting dark now
Dark and cold, my jeans are thin and won’t hold the heat in
Is hypothermia a good way to go?
—  Laura Elizabeth Ross, Hyperthermia