L.A.W Beta Key Raffle and Rewards

L.A.W. (Living After War) is an action MMO developed by Korean developer NitroZen. Mutants fight non-mutants in this epic upcoming MMO where civilization has been forced to collapse under the weight of battle. 

Sound good? I know it does to me. Making the anticipation that much hatrder to bear, CEO of NitroZen Lee Jang Wook and top designer who has previously worked with Blizzard is taking charge of the project. 

Be one of the first to traverse the wasteland by signing up to the closed beta key raffle today!

Liking the sound of this? Share it with your friends by simply clicking HERE! Sharers will be rewarded greatly, with the developer giving away one unique L.A.W poster and 10x 5.000 AP for your alaplaya account until October 14th 2011. Have fun in L.A.W! 

Sign up for your L.A.W Beta Key at the Official L.A.W. site!