Studies have shown that 92.6% of all North American Pugs enjoy role playing games such as dressing in their ancestor’s ceremonial dress before chasing down the elusive chicken nugget in the wild.  It instills a sense of ferocity that only a true pug warrior knows in its soul.



The National Center For Feline Psychology has discovered that at least three fourths of cats over the age of one year attempt to disguise themselves as elderly if living amongst older cats, as a ruse to have their antics blamed on the older clan.  For example, kitty scarves -BOOM.  Did granny cat make one?  No, she has arthritis.  House plant grooming -KAPOW.  Pappy kitty lacks skills, he can’t even remember where the litter box is.  Look to the youngster disguised as the geriatric, lurking in the shadows.  There’s your ninja.