These are the earrings I made today! :o I decided $7.50/pair shipped on domestic, and +$2 on international on every pair.

So, after the group picture…

1. Strawberry Lemonade safety pin earrings
2. Minty safety pin earrings
3. Dreamy safety pin earrings
4. Unistar earrings
5. Heart hoops
6. Rocking horse earrings
7. (detail picture)
8. Forest Fae earrings

Send me an ask if you’re interested in a particular set. c: I usually sell on Etsy, but I want to see how badly people want these before I even think about listing them.

Please ask if you’d like more pictures! I took these when it was dark outside and the lights in my apartment are dingy and yellow so they could be better pictures.

Purple Galaxy Unicorn Tee by kzkraft on Skreened

I’ll be making some pretty great OOAK sweatshirts with this design, but for now you can order t-shirts through Skreened! (: Please remember that you can choose whatever color shirt you want from what Skreened has available. (There are also cheaper or organic options, as well as different style options like hoodies and raglan tees~)