"…I’m barely hanging on, so if I fall, can you let me down easy?" — Let Me Down Easy by Billy Currington

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B- “…Don’t..cry Korra…I will be alright…”

K- “But Bo— You…why—why did you get in the way—?”

B- “…because…I…I love you Korra…”

I was in a depressed mood and this happened. I has this thought of what would happen if the fight with Amon was way more intense and everyone got seriously injured. Bolin would have got in front of Korra to protect her and got a fatal blow to the abdomen, that Korra couldn’t heal because she doesn’t have enough enery/chi to do so.

Salison tagged me with this. 

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Name: Kyume
Nicknames: Ky, K, Kyuu 
Birthday: 7/17
Age: Old xD
Gender: ♀
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Significant other: My best friends~
Height: 5’7”
Work/School: Lab tech/Getting Bachelors Degree 
Favorite color: Aqua
Time and date: 1:21 pm 1/17/2015
Average hours of sleep: 7
Last thing I googled: How to spell Bachelors pfft
Number of blankets I sleep under: 2
Favorite movies: Finding Nemo, Rise of the Guardians, Tangled, Princess and the frog, Letters to Juliet, How to lose a guy in 10 days.
Favorite animations: Too many lol 
Favorite shows: Once upon a time, Forever, Elementary, Scorpion
Favorite food: Pizza or chicken alfrado
Favorite place to shop for clothes: Uhh walmart I guess? idk I don’t like shopping for clothes.
Last movie I saw in theaters: Hobbit (the last one)
Last book I read: Percy Jackson (forgot the title lol)
A place that makes me happy: My parents house
What are you doing today: Work and research and hopefully some sketching!

And I tag: No one! lol Do it if you want~ that was fun~

Because I am a kid who strongly believes that their biases can cure their emotional downfall or somewhat down feeling. I made kyumeds XD It’s this funny thing I made that every time I don’t feel good, just by looking at Kyuhyun it would some how relieve me from that feeling. It doesn’t always work sadly but maybe after 3-4 kyumeds that sad feeling would subside. So yea :3 teehee. That is why you’d see me tag a post called kyumeds :D jsyk