Trainer Kylen would like to Battle!

Also I AM working on the next Nuzlocke page., I promise. I’m really sorry it’s taken a long time to get out. Real life stuff and all that jazz.

BUT EITHER WAY! It’s Kyume’s birthday today, who has been a very supportive friend of mine. I know I can always go to her when I have an issue with art (cause she helps me a lot with colors and such) or even real life problems. She doesn’t realize how much she’s inspired me to do better in life, not just art. So thank you for that, Kyume.



Halloween Livestream (Oct 31 at 7:30 PM MDT)

So… It’s almost Halloween, right? The time where we hear most about scary, horror stories that freak out small children. And adults.

Which is exactly why my friend Kyume (from KyumeKrap and KyumeKnack) and I will be doing a livestream on Halloween playing Horror Games. 

You heard me. We’re a bit crazy.

Either way, that’s the plan! Come join us for a bunch of screams and a lot of silliness!
The question you may have now is: Which game(s)? 
Well, here’s a list of games that I have on my computer:
~ Ib (Version 1.4)
~ The Witch’s House

~ Mad Father
~ Hello? Hell…O?
~ Ao Oni
~ Slender: The Eight Pages

Keep in mind that I have played all of these games except for Slender (I literally just downloaded it hoping it will work for the livestream). Still, all of these games still have the potential to freak us out (except Ib. I love that game so much I’ve played it a lot). 

If I personally had to pick some games, it would be The Witch’s House, Hello? Hell…O?, Ao Oni, or Slender. (those would induce the most screams)

But if you guys have suggestions, let me know! (keep in mind though that 3D games probably will not work very well on my computer).

Either way, Oct 31 is when this will happen around 7:30 MCT~! I would love it if you come! 

Here’s where it’s gonna happen: 
You can also watch an old video of me playing through “Hello? Hell…O?” and “Ao Oni”

"…I’m barely hanging on, so if I fall, can you let me down easy?" — Let Me Down Easy by Billy Currington

(click link to listen to song)

B- “…Don’t..cry Korra…I will be alright…”

K- “But Bo— You…why—why did you get in the way—?”

B- “…because…I…I love you Korra…”

I was in a depressed mood and this happened. I has this thought of what would happen if the fight with Amon was way more intense and everyone got seriously injured. Bolin would have got in front of Korra to protect her and got a fatal blow to the abdomen, that Korra couldn’t heal because she doesn’t have enough enery/chi to do so.

Hong Jin Young Will Cameo in Her Virtual Husband, Nam Goong Min’s Drama “My Secret Hotel”

Hong Jin Young Will Cameo in Her Virtual Husband, Nam Goong Min’s Drama “My Secret Hotel”

Virtual married couple, Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min, recently had their first acting experience together. The couple who appear on MBC’s “We Got Married” will appear together in Nam Goong Min’s current drama, tvN’s “My Secret Hotel.”

In the drama, Nam Goong Min is portraying Jo Sung Kyum, Secret Hotel’s Management Director. He shows off his cold and charismatic charms as he investigates his…

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明日食道・胃透視(造影)検査 の予約。2013年3月以来である。

インターネット上の多くのサイトで “50代以上の日本人の70〜80%以上がピロリ菌に感染しているといわれています [1] ” と書かれている中、All Aboutのこの記事 には、“日本人の40代では半数以上がピロリ菌に感染” “40代以上の中高年からの感染者が多く、若年者に少ないのは、戦後衛生環境(上下水道など)が整ってきたことが一因” と書かれています。


今回ネット検索した中では、All About (オールアバウト)の一連の記事 が分かり易かったです。


Continuation of this picture —> Here  Read left to right.

-edit- here is a link to the full size picture —> Here

I am starting to love these two too much now. I can’t stop. ;w;


If you can’t read what they are saying here is what it says:

K - “I told you I would punch your nose, you think I’m lying?!”

T- “Wo there uh-vatar, you’re moving too fast for me.” (omg I forgot an o ;A;)

K- Sh-shut up!! I’ll punch you!- Idiot!—”

T - “I know you like me Korra, just admit it already. <3”

Whoops, My hand slipped. lol After I drew my Borra picture where Bolin died I was like hey, what would happen if Korra died instead (The top left, and bottom left)? Then I got sad after thinking about it and drew the bottom right, where she is still alive but just really hurt. Then I got even more sad and drew them kissing at the top lol. Sorry about the horrible quality, my phone camera sucks. Horribleanatomydontlookatit