Ougon Musou KyokuX OP


name -kyoki
°race-human /ghost
°description- hair is black and died maroon while wearing a bronze jacket with a orange hood attachment. A black T-shirt with a mark that looks like a black circle with a red X over it on the back and front of his shirt… his pants are black… his left eye is maroon while his right eye is completely black with a red iris, with blood dripping from his bottom eyelid… he waers a mask with sharp but human teeth.
°abilities- demonic voice, illusions
°weapons- butcher knifes, tones of chains, oddly large knife
°short bio- kyoki is a personality of Katisu, and represents,katisu’s InSaNiTy… After walking out from the mysteriously broken down hospital… he found a cabin labeled MS.Candycanes cabin… Feeling uneasy he thoughtlessly went in, finding candy And corpses… he was then approached by a tall figure that had empty eye sockets and a big smile, but no teeth… they questioned each other after fighting a little… the tall figure was known as ms.candy cane who turned dead corpses into candy… kyoki gave his complete understanding… kyoki was going to leave but then ms.candy cane wanted to come with him because she was frightened to go anywhere alone… kyoki offered her to stay with him if she liked… ms.candycane seemed to be shading tears as she had agreed… it turned out ms.candycane was ONLY a young girl… the cabin was burned down… as she had decided that she would not be returning there again… ms.candycane as her your girl form held kyoki’s hand as they walked off…
In due time they found others that wanted to follow kyoki as he became there leader of it all…
°origin/ story-forgotten creepy pasta stories

anonymous asked:

Kyoki, just... stop. You'll feel more awful the more you continue that path. Turn off anon and call it a night. You can't tell me you are having fun, you're telling yourself lies now. This can't be fun for anyone. It more looks like self-destruction. Leave it be, calm down, sleep enough, for your own sake. Please.

//Not sure who is behind this Anon - although I might be suspecting someone…

But since this is no hate I will answer in a normal manner: Actually I’m having fun. I’m having so much fun it’s disgusting. Nevertheless it’s fun and I’m enjoying it - and I’m really honest with that statement.

And this is why I will let Anon turned on. I don’t need to hide. I WANT them to come in like a swarm of angry flies so I can squash them one by one.

Oh, I sleep enough, thanks. After all I only get up of bed so I’m tired again so I can sleep again recently… some amusing “self-destruction” how you call it might be a neat way to pass the time. Although I don’t see how I’m destroying myself here. Last time I checked I felt pretty fine. //

Here are quotes from my demons !

“ smile , take that knife and carve a smile , use the thread to make it stay ” ~ Kyoki

“ fall in to the darkness weak child and become nothing but the lost soul you are ”
~ Akumu

“ why look for light when the darkness is all you can see , join in to the shadows and forget the light .”