I have achieved something I never thought I ever would, and that was a total of 666 followers—in fact, I’ve never had so many on any other blog. A personal favorite number of mine, what perfect timing to make my very first follow forever! With Mayuri’s ram head reminiscent of Baphomet’s goat head, I just couldn’t help myself with this graphic, in keeping with such a devilish theme.

     References aside, let us begin with some special shout outs:

Firstly, there is loyalhealer and lxppi for convincing me to make this muse in the first place, and being such nice friends! I wouldn’t be here without you two. You truly are wonderful, and I adore you both.

To kyoki-no-keshin, for being one of my very first RP partners, and welcoming to me in this fandom so very long ago. I wouldn’t have stayed here! You are a dear friend of mine, and I’m glad to have met you.

Next is the lovely kiraahachi. I’m glad you approached me in the first place. It started a beautiful and wonderful friendship. You truly are one of my best friends and you inspire me every single day.

Lastly is mothersins. I would have never pushed myself to do better when I write with you. You and your muse are very important to me (and this blog). When I was about to give up, I remembered you; you kept me going like a true friend would. Thank you.

      Now, onto the list, the most favorite of experiments I could ask for:

patereius, dxsmembermenttwelfthlieutenant, uozxdxnamis, palegrace, unxhana, kenpxchi, xknivesandlint, scarysunako, hikari-no-kurozu, edhelernil, senofthespirits, tearful-cadenza, berrykurosaki, chxshio, xaoli, lichtprinz, oni-analyst, mistressofleaves, noxerro, knavex, dieuchien, r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a, eldirexto, necyomantia, sola—cordis, parasiitic, teme-kun, incredible-zim, gildr, thecursedmoon, fishbxtch, divinedemoniac, wastelandemperor, distortedvinyl, mangez-bien, humxnism, xverlxrd, korieos, rakkurai, c-h-i-t-a-n, mimiishaunted, inebrixte, lampxrd, hewhoshapes, mxntis, sweetlycursed, ikkaku-marmalade, abamentia, knxfelike, litchimaiden, zxmbii, mephystophyles, originalheir, seraphicworld, chxrismatic, suuccubus, excessiveadaptationsyndrome, eaterofwxrlds, whitelaceandxstrange, wolfskinnedxdoe, last-crown-of-lucis, divinumangelum, freddykruegxr, halcyoniic, eldritch-herald, cambixn, outezumi, occidetetserpens, ancientproject, nonexistentia, intersectionsprettyboy, lutecea, fxrcipe, fuxrer, theoneandonlyvxlentine, scionoftartarus, adiscipleoflight, xamelixrate

If I forgot anyone, I’ll be sure to add you later on. Remember—this is my first follow forever I’ve ever made, so forgive me if that happened. I just feel like I’m missing some people.

Anyways, thank you all. I never thought I’d get so many followers! I’m glad to have met you.

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…That’s a lot of people… I guess talking to you one at a time will be best, right? So, uhh…

My name is Dierk Kujou, though you can just call me Dierk. Really, just Dierk is fine. I likely won’t talk to you if you refer to me as Kujou-san or whatever, but, I’ll call you by your surname if you tell me too, to respect your culture… so… hmm, what’s your name?

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Ougon Musou KyokuX OP

kyoki-the-writer said:

As Jax suddenly turns his back to the writer she sees her second chance. This time she would be more careful. Out of her feather floated the word "silence", causing a sound proof barrier to appear between the warrior and herself. Now she would sneak up from behind and snatch the mask before he would even notice it...

"I can smell you back there…"

kyoki-the-writer said:

₪ (trolling mun teleports male writer into the bath to Varus - stark naked. Mun flies away laughing in strange way: "Munmunmunmun~" ) The writer is slightly confused Black swirlls cloud his vision, so he doesn't notice Varus at first. Instead he feels really sleepy now... still dizzy he sinks down into the bath.

The archer blinked several times as the writer suddenly appeared in-front of him out of no-where.A poker face was stitched on his face as he felt confused and surprise.”May i ask you what are you doing in my hub?”he questioned pushing his wet hairs at the back as of once they weren’t attached. Seeing the writer sink to the bottom of it as he didn’t respond to him , Varus sighed and started shake the writer awake.


kyoki-the-writer said:

Now that the writer was in his male body again it was only a matter of seconds until he had his first really bad idea. That poor Malzahar had looked so cold and freezing with all that true ice sticking out of him... someone should thaw him up! And the writer knew exactly how. Rising his feather the writer forms the following words: "Thaw, Warm, Heat, Fire, Direction - Flamethrower!" A massive wall of ink-black fir starts to chase after the Prophet, burning everything in its path. "Ooops..."

((Kyoki you’re amazing XD))

The prophet turns right before the flames hit him. Seeing nothing but an inky mass, he instinctively covers his face, the flames rushing by him and singing everything save for his scarf which, luckily, is infused with Void magic.

Once he looks around after the flames have gone, he sees that all his other clothes have…disappeared. He looks back at the writer, now furious. “Damn it, you useless writer, I was borrowing those from Talon! What is he going to say when I can't return them?”


crimsonpantstalon ((I feel Talon would enjoy seeing this XD))