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kylieped replied to your post: when i hear the word swiftie i cringe so hard my…

Whoa man why dont you like the word swiftie what has swiftie done to you? ..Nah just kidding I respect your ability to like and dislike things I mean were soul siblings we gotta have eachothers back YOU FEEL ME? But im curious why do u not like it?

Ok well the reason I don’t like Swiftie is because I don’t like pet names for fans in general. I’d rather be known as a “fan of Taylor Swift” rather than some little nickname. It’s nothing against Swiftie per se, I think Belieber, and Directioner, and Lovatic, and Beyhive, and all those pet names are just dumb in my opinion. It makes being a fan some sort of joke to me. So to me a Swiftie is a stereotype and I just don’t take it serious. If you want to call yourself a Swiftie, by all means go ahead! I just don’t like it personally and I just say “i’m a big fan” rather than have a name for it, you know? Soul siblings got each other’s backs yooooo