20 Facts About Me

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(I just read over them and they all sound really cynical, BUT I’M ACTUALLY A HAPPY PERSON)

1. I graduated valedictorian from my high school, but still always thought I was average. Coming to Berkeley confirmed that 100%.

2. I believe you can tell a lot about a person just by seeing his or her handwriting. I value mine a lot.

3. I’m tired of playing league of legends because I don’t know how to have fun playing anymore. I’ve tuned myself into someone that just tries to win. The only thing keeping me tied to this game was the promise I made a year and a half ago.

4. My hands are really coarse (my dad’s genetics) and I can open the spikey apple cider bottles with my bare hands.

5. I’ve been single for my entire life. Relationships sound difficult, and I don’t like anyone right now.

6. I characterize myself as SUPER introverted. I love being alone or having days where I can just do nothing.

7. If I see someone doing something noteworthy, even though no one is watching, you have instantly gained my respect.

8. I’m an eagle scout.

9. I love talking to people, but I really don’t like big groups. I can talk about all the small things to one or two people but any more than that is too much.

10. My older two siblings are my heroes and they will always have my unconditional love, loyalty, and respect. My younger brother has everything but the hero part, but I’ll try to be a better hero for him.

11. I memorize almost all information spatially. I remember where it is on the page and in a certain order, but if you ask me otherwise, I probably won’t know.

12. I remember the smell of almost everyone I come in contact with.

13. I’d make a pretty good housewife, as I don’t mind cleaning, cooking, and all other chores.

14. I have a bad habit of not sending the right body language signals. If my brother asks me for a favor, I’ll normally do it immediately but never tell him that I actually did it. It gets me in trouble by my parents more than I expect.

15. I am a firm believer in sitting in the front of the class.

16. I’m not religious at all, but I feel like I could follow one if the stars aligned. For now, I’d rather just wake up everyday trying to be the best person I can be than have a set of principles to follow.

17. I know a lot of lyrics, but I sing really out of pitch. Take a road trip with me~

18. I got a smartphone a little over a month ago.

19. I chose to go to UC Berkeley because I knew it was my parent’s last chance to have one of their children go to such a great school close to home.

20. If I ever got in trouble growing up at school, I haven’t forgotten who it was, when it was, or what it was for. And I’ll probably never forget.

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