chodingpyo answered your question: Does anyone know how to: a) Get rid of a fever …

use tiger Balm,put a lil’ of tiger balm in a basin of hot water,cover urself using towel,in a hot steam of the tiger balm in the basin..

Ohh okay I’ll try that!! Thank you :D

(Do you think it’d work if I just did it overnight with one of those vapour machine things from when I was a kid? lolol)


 kylekwon answered your questionDoes anyone know how to: a) Get rid of a fever …

sniff the asian oil thing

^tiger balm? Hahahaha 

I know b-minhyukanon or kyle probably won't be seeing this post.

I wish him good luck for his surgery or whatever…(?). He told me that the doctor’s gonna make him hibernate for 2 days for some surgery or don’t know what stuff.

I don’t know if I should type what happened to him so… Erm he broke up with his girlfriend and he did really silly stuffs, and injured himself, so he’s hospitalised in Seoul. He’s going in to the room [idk what room lol] now so…

I just hope that he can survive ;_;