Request 6#: Once Again (KyanNyan)

A/N: Made it to the 6th one! A KyanNyan (That’s Harukyan/Reinyan btw, if you’re wondering) requested by Anon. This is a very legit pairing, surprisingly. LOL. Again, I apologize in advance if this sucks. (~.~) and I hope that you will enjoy reading this. Though it is kinda angsty and with an obvious reference to that other famous Reinyan pairing. 


-  Once Again (KyanNyan)-


They were good friends. They hung out together a lot of times before so Haruka’s companion was not something foreign to Reina.  So why was that lately, often she would catch herself staring at the older girl? Was it Haruka’s recent haircut that had made her seen Haruka in a different light? Reina wondered. Whatever the reason was, it was making Reina’s heart flutter at every little thing Haruka did for her. The idea made Reina felt uneasy. She had not had not felt this way toward another member.


Not after…


Reina quickly shook her head furiously to clear away the sad memories.  She shouldn’t feel this way. Not anymore. She was over this. It had been so long and she had made a promise that she would be strong. However, Reina couldn’t deny that thinking about the graduate still made her heart ache. Was it silly of her to be longing for the presence of someone that had left? She had been asking herself that same question for some time now but she couldn’t come up with a proper answer. Too absorbed in her own thoughts, Reina didn’t realize she was actually staring at Haruka the whole time, until Haruka’s voice snapped her out of her reverie.


“Is there something on my face?” The question made the taller girl jerked in her seat and blinked. An ‘eh?’ escaped her lips.


“I said is there something on my face? Why do you keep staring at me like that?” Haruka asked again, frantically feeling the various parts of her face with her hand to sense if there was any foreign substance sticking on it. It took quite a while for Reina’s brain to process what Haruka had said. Once it finally did, the younger girl caught the elder’s wrist, causing Haruka to stop her actions and stare at her friend.


“No. I was just thinking…” The reply was accompanied with a weak smile.


Concern was reflected all over the older girl’s face. Somehow Haruka had managed to catch on Reina’s troubled state by the tone of voice that the younger girl was using. She hesitated a little bit before deciding to ask what was wrong in the end.




“Nothing important.”Reina replied shortly as she lowered her hand and intertwined their fingers. Haruka was not convinced at all with Reina’s answer, with the all too forced smile that she was currently seeing but she didn’t press on the matter. Instead, she just muttered a simple ‘oh’ and looked away.


The awkward silence that came afterward made the air surrounding the pair somewhat uncomfortable. Neither of them had said a word since the last exchange. Reina glanced at her friend. She wanted to say something in hope to break the silence but Haruka seemed to be too deep in thought that Reina abandoned that idea. Suddenly feeling exhausted by the rush of the overwhelming complicated emotions, Reina rested her head on Haruka’s shoulder, staring absentmindedly at the scenery. For the first time Reina realized that the park was actually rather empty for such a lovely weather.


“It’s alright you know…” Haruka started talking out of the blue, catching Reina’s attention.  The younger girl straightened up on her seat, which was the park bench that they were sharing and focused on her friend, waiting for what Haruka had to say. She could feel the gentle squeeze on her hand as she heard the next few words being spoken.


“… to miss her sometimes.”


The older girl finished off her sentence with a warm smile and something in Reina’s heart stirred. Immediately she turned away from those knowing eyes. This felt too familiar, too close resembling an old memory which made Reina felt conflicted. She appreciated the kind gesture but Haruka shouldn’t be… this understanding. And those eyes, they should stop looking at her in such way too.


Or else Reina really wouldn’t be able to stop herself from falling for the second time.


As she was having internal battle with herself, a poke on the cheek caught Reina by surprise. She looked at the assaulter, who was flashing a toothy grin. Reina was not sure why, but there was something about Haruka that had made Reina felt more at ease.  


“But I’m around so don’t feel too lonely now, kay?” The way Haruka had said it was so cheeky that Reina couldn’t help but smile.


The older girl then stood up and offered her arm. With her boyish haircut, Haruka almost looked like a true gentleman if it weren’t for her shortcoming in the height department, which made Reina found the sight to be amusing. The younger girl giggled to herself, before standing up and linked her arm with the waiting one.  It was still pretty early so that meant their little ‘date’ was not over yet.


It was sometime during that day that Reina decided that she really, really liked Haruka. Perhaps not as much as the one whom had captured her heart in her younger days but Haruka was still very precious to her. And she wanted Haruka to know that, at least. That was the reason why by the end of the date, she had suggested for them to get a matching cell phone strap. The strap that she currently had was a gift from her first love and she had kept it with her all these years but it was about time for her to get a new one. She needed to move on from the past. She wanted to.


“Mai Mai…. You would be okay with this, right?”


Reina questioned silently, taking one last good look at her current phone strap before replacing it with the newly bought one.



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