Bonjour (∩。•o•。)っ.゚☆。・

Je me présente, je suis Candy (Kyandii), alias Kyantan, membre de la 6ème génération d’Amaitsuki ! Ma couleur est le rose vif~♡
Nice to meet you! I’m Candy, nicknamed Kyantan, and I’m a member of Amaitsuki’s 6th generation! My official color will be hot pink~♡


Je suis une AKB48-wota depuis quelques années et j’en suis très fière ! Peut-être que grâce à mon arrivée, Amaitsuki dansera et chantera plus de chansons des AKB, qui sait~♡ haha
何年からAKB48のガチヲタになりました!めっちゃ幸せにするよ。多分6期生とのこれからAmaitsukiはもっとAKB48の曲を歌ってと躍りますよね~♡ 笑
It’s been a bunch of years I’ve been an AKB48-wota and I’m proud to be! Maybe thanks to this Amaitsuki will dance and sing more AKB48 songs, who knows~♡

J’aspire à devenir comme Urano Kazumi, Ohori Megumi et Noro Kayo, anciennes AKB48 et SDN48, mes principaux modèles ! (*´▽`*)♡
I would like to grow to someone like former AKB48 and SDN48 Urano Kazumi, Ohori Megumi and Noro Kayo, my role models! (*´▽`*)♡

Je pars bientôt pour six mois pour un échange universitaire en Nouvelle Zélande, mes débuts seront donc tardifs ! Mais j’ai très hâte de pouvoir danser et rencontrer tout le monde~♡
I’m soon leaving France for a 6 months exchange program in New Zealand, so I won’t debut before a while! But I can’t wait to meet and dance with everyone~♡

Comme mes idols modèles, je suis aussi l’aînée de la 6ème génération ! Je suis la grande soeur, hehe~♡ elles sont toutes très mignonnes ( *¯ ³¯*)♡ㄘゅ
アイドルというになりたいと同じのようで私も6期生の中で一番古いなメンバーです!お姉ちゃんじゃん~♡ 笑 皆はめっちゃカワイイですよ( *¯ ³¯*)♡ㄘゅ
Just like my role models, I’m the eldest member of 6th generation too! I’m the big sister, hehe~♡ they’re all very cute ( *¯ ³¯*)♡ㄘゅ

En attendant, je ferai des live sur Nico Nico Douga et je posterai des covers sur mon soundcloud et sur mon Twitter (ici !) (`_´)ゞ
Je ferai de mon mieux~♡
Meanwhile, I will probably do livestreams on Nico Nico Douga and I will post song covers on my Soundcloud and Twitter (here!) (`_´)ゞ
I’ll do my best~♡


Candy☆キャンデイー より



naomitheteenagewitch-deactivate asked:

YES your jongkey post. That's what I think too.. i honestly don't think they're gay for eachother or they have passionate sex each night lol. I ship it because it's sweet and you can tell they'll always be the best of friends! My opinion is Jonghyun is straight.. and Key well i'm not sure on him but it's Korea. People dont just come out of the closet..

yes yes, this is exactly it! I mean I do understand fans fantasies but, they take it to such extents like saying about pics that they really are gay, and same goes for antis they go “oh they held hands they must be gay” without even knowing any background information…. It’s such a beautiful friendship, THAT’s why I ship Jongkey. LOL I don’t know who’s gay and who isn’t (truthfully for me as much as Key is a diva, I still think he’s completely straight too) but I won’t be saying anything, since we don’t really know. hehe

I was just saying that by fact, them sitting on each other or holding hands doesn’t mean they’re in a romantic relationship, the way everybody thinks it as….