Antoine Renault is a self-taught artist from Paris, France.

I started to paint by chance on a summer day. Since then, I never stopped painting the feelings of that same day: simple instants of happiness and freedom close to the sea. My favorite ingredients? Transparency and reflection. Sprinkle with a pinch of sexiness. Bake under the summer sun. Serve on the ocean side. 
I was a passionate photographer before becoming a painter, which of course does influence the way I choose to compose and frame my paintings. I always start from photos, and then “arrange” the reality in a way that best fits my mood and my very simple color palette (I work exclusively with always the same four colors now).

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posted by Margaret.

anonymous asked:

can you make a tutorial on how to draw a face? (eyes,mouth,nose) im a beginner artist and i'd like some help please ^^

For eyes I just do three quick brush strokes (as shown by the red) 

noses are made out of a bunch of small triangles. I first draw a slightly curved stroke connecting to the eyebrow and follow it with a small triangle at the base of the nose (used to show other side of nose. this bit is not always going to be visable keep that in mind) and a small notch (the nostral)

(the only method I have for drawing lips is to do the top lip first it’s sort of a freehand thing from that point on sorry ;o;)

the first couple of pictures are just to show you were everything is on the face

Hope this helped!! ;v;


My submission for Ladies of Literature Volume 2

I chose to illustrate the Lady of the Lake out of a long-time love of medieval folklore and women in mythology. Sometimes treacherous, always mysterious, and instrumental to the plot of the Arthurian legend, the Lady of the Lake is a timeless figure in historical myth.

If you missed the kickstarter, you can still check out some of the submissions on the project’s blog @ ladiesofliterature​!