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Do you think it would be okay for physicians to smoke marijuana? It's safer and healthier then alcohol, and it has a plethora of good benefits. Elevating stress, anxiety, and depression are some. And would it be appropriate for a physician to recommend it to his/her patient?


I think that if you have a medical condition that can be treated with medications that have tons of studies behind them supporting their efficacy, and your doctor has prescribed that medication, then it’s okay to use it. If there is an “alternative” out there that doesn’t have such great studies backing it, is expensive, and potentially illegal, why use that alternative when other things work just as well or better? 


I hope when you say “elevating” you mean “alleviating,” because if MJ elevates stress, anxiety, and depression, I’d say those were pretty good reasons NOT to use it. And actually, there are some studies out that suggest that chronic marijuana use does worsen depression. Yes, I know there are studies that say the exact opposite as well. That is sort of my point. We can’t really recommend a treatment that doesn’t have good, well-designed, consistent studies behind it to back it up. 

It is not okay for a physician to use any intoxicating substance when they will be treating patients. This applies to alcohol, marijuana, other illicit drugs, and prescription drugs. How would you feel if you knew that your surgeon planned to smoke a joint or pop some pills before cutting you open? Have we learned nothing from watching House?

It is absolutely NOT appropriate for a physician to recommend anything illegal to their patients. So if a doc practices in a state where marijuana isn’t legal, it’s not ok to recommend it, regardless of its “benefits”.  If they practice in a state where medical marijuana is legal, well then I guess they would be able to prescribe it. I’ve had patients ask me my opinion on it, and I basically give them the pros and cons of marijuana use and remind them that it is still illegal in our state. 




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The post about ferguson with the first part "white people:" is extremely racist. You cannot dump all white people into one group. It's like putting all black people into the same group. You know white people are protesting in Ferguson also. White reporters are there not just black ones. You want to post something about racism and police violence but you're single handily contributing to racism by putting all white people in the same category and painting them as sympathizers with the cop.


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Last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy. Considering I don’t know dick about comic books, the last two Marvel movies my friends convinced me to see were 100% worth it.

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I am so sorry you have to work with people who are the definition of stupid (regarding the chick who doesn't believe in dinosaurs)

never said it was a chick

it just blew my mind