Photographer Kwaku Alston captures the classic California lifestyle of vintage VW buses and Venice Beach’s “Horizon Court”

Kwaku Alston been photographing Venice Beach, where he lives, for over a decade, and he occasionally exhibits some of those images at his studio on Abbott-Kinney Boulevard. His 2009 series, Volkslivin’ featured his portraits of vintage Volkswagen buses parked in and around his neighborhood. I’ve always possessed a great affinity for vintage VWs and immediately gravitated towards Kwaku’s vibrant and charming, California-lifestyle images. You can continually keep up with these wonderful images via his blog: http://www.volkslivin.com/

Kwaku Alston’s photographic repertoire additionally includes portrait photography which features some of the most famous faces in the world—from Hollywood luminaries like Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr., and Jennifer Hudson to President Barack Obama and the First Family—for editorial and advertising clients. Kwaku also donates his time to a variety of charities and nonprofits, including the DesignACure Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, the Black AIDS Institute, the Smiley Faces Foundation, and the Venice Family Clinic. 

Great Communication Arts What Matters Most feature on photographer Kwaku Alston.  I first became aware of him after picking up an issue of Communication Arts that had a portrait of musician Lauryn Hill on the cover.  That issue had a great profile of this then, emerging photographer. From that day forward, he’s been an inspiration.

Take your time and build a career by making images you care about. If you take every job that comes your way, you may end up diluting your creative well—and we all have to refill our well when empty. You run the risk of draining your energy and hurting your career by overworking yourself for money or being driven by ego. At the end of each year, evaluate what projects inspired you and allowed you the creative freedom you need—and then seek more like them.” - Kwaku Alston

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