You read it right, hindi talaga pusa si Hello Kitty. Mas mahalaga pa ito sa kahit anong sosyo-ekonomikang usapin kaya kailangang pagtuunan ng pansin. 

Ayaw mong maniwala dahil puro pambobola lang ng Ex mo ang pinaniniwalaan mo? Basahin: LINK

Nangangahulugan lamang ito na si Hello Kitty ay isang hideously deformed human schoolgirl. In short, mutant. Siya ay bunga ng failed experiment ng gobyerno para tuluyang masakop ng kakikayan ang daigdig. Kaya kahit yung vibrator ng GF mo, Hello Kitty na din.

So dahil marami na namang childhood memories ang namolestiya dahil sa balitang ito, kelangan kong mag-ingat bago pa man lumabas ang mga ganitong uri ng balita.

  1. Si Kerrokeropi ay hindi palaka. Isa siyang lumot.”
  2. "Hindi na virgin si Dora. Kakaexplore niya."
  3. "Si Sailormoon ay sumailalim sa sex change. Isa siyang transgender."
  4. "Si Jollibee ay hindi bubuyog. Siya ang nawawalang kapatid ni Nicki Minaj."
  5. "Si B1 at B2 ay hindi talaga saging. Sila ay mga anhemic na etits na may suot na stripes na condom."
  6. Hindi teleserye ang Be Careful With My Heart. Trailer pa lang siya actually.”

Buong buhay ko, pinapaniwala ako sa isang kasinungalingan na isa siyang siopao na nagkatawang pusang may makapal na foundation at nakakairitang pink ribbon sa kaliwang tenga. 

Dahil dito, ininterview ko ang ilan sa malalapit na kaibigan ni Hello Kitty. Narito ang kanilang reaksyon tungkol sa issue.

Yan tayo eh. Hinuhusgahan natin ang isang bagay base sa kanyang pisikal na itsura. Hindi porket mukhang pusa, pusa na. Mukhang gasul ang kulay ko pero hindi ibig sabihin nun gasul na din ako. We cannot know anybody ‘til we get to know them.” — Doraemon

"Meowthhh! That’s right!"— Meowth


Part II: “Eat Prey Drug: Wetiko”

Text and Photography by Paul Kwiatkowski.

Another cantankerous motel. Beige curtains, bleached yellow, dotted with fly husks frozen over the air conditioner. Beyond, a diffused light show of corporate signage smeared in a spectral blur. Inside, sunlight barely reaching the floor. My vision never adjusts.

CNN recycled coverage of an 8.7-magnitude earthquake that railed the northern coast of Chile all the way up to Hawaii, where people evacuated in case of a tsunami. The earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 was only 7.0, and the one that rattled San Francisco in the late ‘80s was a 6.9. The largest recorded earthquake in history was a 9.5 in 1960 that also happened in Chile. Less than 24 hours after it struck, tsunami waves hit Hawaii then Japan, over 10,000 miles away. During the last month since I left Los Angeles, there had been more earthquakes in California than ever before recorded. More than a dozen quakes of 4.5 magnitude or higher had hit the United States that year, and it was only April. Chile was far from Oregon, but given the circumstances, I worried.


Boyfriend at Love-Kpop Magazine ~ Interview

01. What kind of girl do you like to go out?
02. WHat kind of gril you don’t like?
03. Who would you say is good with girls among the members?
04. Where do you want to go on date?
05. If you have a date, what clothes do you preffer in a girl?
06. Would you confess? Or do you preffer that would be other party?
07. What are your best dialogue lines for the girl you like?

01. A girl with a beautiful voice when she speaks.
02. One wiht a strong personality.
03. Minwoo. Because he seems to be really friendly with the other party.
04. Sapporo. I want to go for the snow festival.
05. With a one-piece dress, with white t-shirt and jeans.
06. I am the type who confesses.
07. I will give her compliments always. No matter how many times.

01. A girl that thinks in the other party, with a regular life.
02. A girl without courtesy.
03. Anyone is good. However, mainly is hard for everybody at times.
04. The sea. At night, going to the sea with the stars is a beautiful scenery.
05. A simple look that can feel good at herself.
06. First, I am the type who goes straight on my own.
07. I like you!!

A1. A girl that is loyal.
A2. A girls that thinks that herself is so great.
A3. There isn’t. There are members (laughs)
A4. The sea! I want to see the sea at night.
A5. With a white t-shirt and jeans.
A6. I would confess.
A7. Me, I will say that I like her.

A1. With beatiful eyes, that can have a smile when you look at her.
A2. A person with a bad behavior whom is isn’t possible to deal.
A3. Minwoo. He is easy to play with, his reactions are interesting and funny (laughs).
A4. Since it is summer, I want to go to a valley for a date.
A5. With a white dress.
A6. I would go straight on my own.
A7. I am so happy when I’m with you♥

A1. A girl who can love sincerely.
A2. An untrustworthy girl.
A3. Jeongmin-kun. Since he has a very carefree feeling.
A4. I choose the N Seoul of South Korea (Nanzan). I’m chosing Nanzan in Korea for a date, because you can have a great time.
A5. With a white shirt and jeans.
A6. I’m the type who confesses.
A7. What is your name~? Do you have a moment?

A1. Being cute, but also someone who is feminine and attractive! With a white skin?
A2. People with a cold personality.
A3. Jeongmin-kun. He is so carefree, he will make fun memories.
A4. Shifted suddenly! It seems to be delight to go to an amusement park together.
A5. With a white shirt?
A6. I’m the type to wait to be confessed, aggressively.
A7. I, really really like you.

Cr: lo_boyfriend_ve

Trans by me ;D (please, if you take out, give full credits.. thanks^^)

aaaaaaa I should wear white more often… haha *u*