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I Can Go The Distance.mp3 - Disney Hercules.

“I am on my way,
I can go the distance,
I don’t care how far,
Somehow I’ll be strong,
I know ev'ry mile,
Will be worth my while,
I would go most anywhere,
to find where I belong.”

One of my favorite Disney songs because It means a lot to me.. it’s a great reminder to always strive to be the best and keep going without any limitations. Besides Hercules was one of the non female main characters and I loved the movie as a kid.

Re-arranged my room this week, I think it looks sexy/spacious I just need a small coffee table to put where I’ve got the two little leather chairs at then it’ll be complete.

Picture one.

  •  Mini leather chairs (one on each side.)
  • My old drummer chair but, I’m temporarily using it as a table lol.
  • Chair from my kitchen cause I broke my old computer chair haha.
  • Small table with my macbook/dell computer screen connected. (All my usb’s chargers on the desk)
  • 3 light lamp.
  • Some posters, notes, collage I made and a towel from fanplan.

Photo two.

  • Leather couch.
  • Hats hanged around my bed.
  • Full size bed and bed frame.
  • My 5 drawer cabinet.
  • Shoe/books rack.
  • Laundry basket.
  • My closet with clothes.

- Books for the next 5 Weeks.
Taking Phlebotomy & Pharmacology.
Only plus side to all this is the phlebotomy class.. if I pass the test and class I can be a certified phlebotomy technician and while I’m attending school, I can work and make my salary + 15 bucks per blood drawn depending on the facility I’m working in and whenever i write a card/letter I’ll be able to sign with a Sincerely, K. Hernandez CPT (NHA)… Anyways, Wish me luck..