I thought I’d try cooking something properly this morning for breakfast, so I made me and my girl some “Fruity ricotta pancakes with maple syrup” :)
Looks like I’m not too bad of a cook ;) lol.
Steph said, quote: “…this taste inexplicably good. Like heaven in my actual mouth omg.” :)
Hehe, so I guess I’ll be getting my cook on alot more from now on ;)
Thanks Jamie Oliver for the inspiration :)

Me and the Kaveman team just had an awesome meeting with @RobotBunnyUK :)
Really happy to be on this new venture with someone so creative and real. This is the start of something crazy!!! :)
But with that said… we hungs!!! Lol, so after a successful meeting must come a nice chilled evening dinner at Byrons :)

The afternoon sun is always a pleasure to witness and experience.
Thank you to all of my friends that help me in life. You are cherished more than you will ever know :)
Thank you to my parents and family for truly supporting me and believing in what I do :)
And thank you to all the new friends I am meeting and building a relationship with. All of you are beautiful beings. I look forward to meeting more of you beautiful people in the near future :)
Next up… Germany, to experience even more beauty and inspiration in my life!!!! :)

WOW! This brings me wayyyy back! The memories I’ve had with this console are ALL GOOD MEMORIES!!! Lol. Me and my brother used to be the dons at this!!!! Mad unbeatable duo! :D I even used to act sick so I wouldn’t have to go to school! Haha, and it worked! One week was my best run :) haha, oh man, my mum’s so gonna read this post! LOL

Watch on kvmn.tumblr.com

I warned you about her pretty early in the game!

Watch on rynamo.tumblr.com

Wow, came across this and thought to share it with my wonderful followers! :)
i have really been on some amazing journeys and experiences in my life, especially with this brother!!! And next year… we’re gonna step into a whole new ultimate journey of success!!! :)
Keep your eyes on us! Keep following us! Keep supporting us! And we’ll keep entertaining you guys and making you feel the joy that we do in our lives :)

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Satisfying all your Xmas gift needs! And giving you a 25% DISCOUNT OFF all products in store, you’ll be relaxin’ knowing there’s no more panic on the run up to Xmas ;)
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