ATLA/LoK Gathering for Fanime Day 3!

The avatar had to get its own album.

This is mainly pics of the big groups; a certain LoK fire nation character seems to be missing though. hmmm. ;D

Let me know if you are in any of these pictures so I can tag you!

With clbonilla991 as Suki

anonymous asked:

Korra wants to ask Kuvira to the prom and asks Mako and Bolin for advice. After a lot of debating, they decide that she should write the question on her stomach and stand on a table in the cafeteria, call her name and lift her shirt. She waits till lunch, stands on the table and call Kuvira. She lifts her shirt to reveal "Prom ?" written on her abs. Kuvira finds it adorable and accepts, Asami get's second hand embarrassment and Korra gets detention.


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Imagine Kuvira being sentenced to death for her crimes. She's waiting to be executed, and the whole time, Baatar has his arms wrapped around her. Both of them are crying because they know they'll never have the future they wanted to build together. Finally, when Kuvira is taken to be executed, Baatar is screaming for her life to be spared, and Lin has to drag him out of the room.


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Korra runs a popular Blog on tumblr and Kuvira follows her. After exchanging a few messages, they add each other on skype and message each other every day. They then start chatting using the video option and fall for each other. Korra is the first one to offer to visit her, buying an expensive plane ticket to visit her. (Alaska to China)


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Since she usually always wakes up before Korra, Kuvira loves to watch her sleep for a while and gently run her fingers through the Avatars hair before waking her up with little kisses across her bare shoulders and face.

(I have Korra hair. I love my hair, it feels amazing.)

OH YASSGB ninf thank you grey ball with sunglasses!!

Sometimes Korra is actually awake but she pretends to sleep because Kuvira’s touch feels good. Kuvira is a rare affection shower so Korra enjoys the secret affection :3

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AU where Kuvira and Korra both apply for the same job, both with similar sets of skills, they both have their interview and find that the company decided to hire them both. They end up in a fierce rivalry, trying to outwork the other, when Kuvira falls ill from overwork and stress. Korra visits her to apologies and 'FRIENDSHIP' ENSUES.


Kuvira answers the the door

Korra: “ Hey Kuvira. Feeling better?”

Kuvira begins to close the door

Korra: “Wait!” 

Kuvira opens the door a little more

Korra: “I wanted to apologize for how rough things were getting. We shouldn’t have to compete so hard working the same job. We should be working together.”

Kuvira: …

Korra: “I think you’re really cool. Actually, I like you a lot” *blushes* 

Kuvira: …

Kuvira: “Want to come in? I was just watching a movie.