Pairing : Kumi-Sama and Kanon
Words : 1646
Genre : Angst? I guess so

Wrote this sometime ago and dragged it till now. Finally completed this because I want to continue my 2nd fic. BUT this is definitely not half-assed effort,at least I felt so.

Who gut hurt? Who was confused? Let’s begin!


"EH!?! It can’t be possible right?" I mentally asked myself after hearing what the director mentioned.

Kuumin and me to be doing a real kiss for the new PV.

Now that was a total surprise for me and my eyes widened almost immediately upon hearing his words. My eyes naturally shifted their attention over to my partner who seemed to be expressionless despite the earth shattering news, at least for me. Rena who was around with us at the outdoor shooting film was not helping at all. She could’t stop giggling after that, like how she did for Gekikara. 

"Nee okotteru?" the gloating girl whispered when she noticed that I didn’t seemed really happy with her giggling.

I just glared deathly at her as the director continued to explain how we were supposed to act out that kiss scene. 
“Yagami-san, are you listening?”
“Ah urm…yes”
“I know this may be a shock to you but this is in order to let the PV express the message of the song,so please pay attention”
“I’m sorry,please continue”

I glanced over to the girl nearest to me and she was still giggling. How I wished I could shove a pencil up her nose like what she did to Sashihara-san in Majisuka Gakuen. 

Glancing over to the next girl, I noticed how she still carried that poker face she had since just now and listening to the director attentively. It was difficult to comprehend what Kuumin was thinking at that moment, was she fine with this arrangement or was she just like, too shocked till she was speechless.
Before I realized the briefing ended. So the setting would be in school’s shower cubicle. All we had to do was to kiss….on the lips and end. Alright, that sounds easy. I just need to overcome this psychological barrier I am having right now.

The AD got us to get prepared and the kissing scene will be shoot in 15minutes time. Enough time to compose myself I guess. Kuumin left first leaving me with a certain annoying girl, for today. Was it really that funny? A kissing scene between me and Kuumin.

"All the best for today" Rena gave a comforting pat on my right shoulder. I couldn’t even bother to shrug it off. This wasn’t quite like the usual Rena, she is usually a calm person, very professional when it comes to work matters. But at the revelation just now, she constantly have this distict smirk at the corner of her lips. It was like as if she knew about something. My mind was too preoccupied with the scene we’re going to film soon to continue pondering about Rena. I’ll let her off just this once. But don’t she ever thinks that a 14 years old is nice to bully! Hmph!

After getting ready, we moved over to the shooting location. The settings was made such that it had a dark feeling to it. Nice atmosphere for a forbidden kissing scene huh. 

Kuumin and I had not exchanged a single word since just now. Was she feeling awkward or what?It would be weird if I were to break the ice before the shooting of our kissing scene. But anyway 15minutes going to be up soon and we were positioned such that my back was leaning against the cubicle wall and Kuumin to be facing me. 

"So Kuumin is the S while I am the M?" oh dear lord,what am I running in my mind.

None of the SKE girls were around at the location lest they made it awkward.  The director told us that he declared this new rule specially for us. Seemed like he would do whatever it takes to get his kissing scene for the PV. In any case, the kissing scene was the last scene to be shot for the day,so the rest of the senbatsu girls were allowed to leave first.

"In 3!2!1! Action!" 

Kuumin approached me while I just stayed against the wall. I thought all I had to do is to let Kuumin kiss me and the end. The moment her lips touched mine I thought we would be wrapping up for the day. I was wrong.

"Is there something wrong?" Kuumin asked the director because of his doubtful look. 

"Hmmm….you two looked very stiff together.  No chemistry exists the moment when you kissed"

"We will have to do a re-take and this time with more feelings, be more passionate. Imagine that you two are extremely in love with each other. Do your best girls,alright?" 

"Ok" we both replied at the same time. Could that be considered chemistry at least. And if I my eyes were not playing with me, I saw her poker face crumbled forming into a feint smirk instead. Felt a chill down my spine all of a sudden. Was it a bad omen?


"In 3 2 1 action!" 
Kuumin and I looked into each others eyes for some time before she moved closer,supported herself by placing her right palm on then wall. Our lips touched. But it was different this time.

I could feel her moving her lips against mine, it lasted longer. Suddenly I felt a new weight press against my body. She advanced forward and further pressed her lips against mine. Even though it lasted longer a second or two than previous,it felt like eternity.Somehow my body went along with her. I didn’t try to push her back. I just allowed everything to take its own course.

Then she pulled away and we naturally engaged in an intense eye contact. Before we realized, the director’s voice signalled the end of the shooting.

"HAI CUTTO! SUGOI! II KANJI NA!" the director sounded extremely pleased with the take and with that we wrapped up for the day for the day. 

"Otsukaresamadeshita" Kuumin said to the staffs and I followed suit. It was getting late so I quickly went to our common changing room. 

"Urm Kuumin….I shall go change first, see you later" I spoke awkwardly.
“Okay” Kuumin replied almost without any expression.

“That kiss just now…” I placed my index finger on my lips.I really don’t know if I like it or hate it.  But I didn’t push her away just now right? But still…..urgh!

My mind was filled with that pointless question,it was jut a kiss for the sake of our new PV right? Okay stop thinking about it Kanon.

Reaching the dressing room I realized how the whole space belonged to only myself since every other members went home. Kuumin was still with the staffs and I am alone in the room. So I just assumed that nobody will enter at this hours and decided to change outside of those individual changing rooms.

I began undressing the vest that I wore for the PV. Then unbuttoned the white shirt one by one. As the 4th button was getting released, a soft clicking sound of the door could be heard. Oh my god!I forgot to lock the door!

I quickly shielded myself by locking both arms and looked towards the door direction,wondering who could it be. The unknown person slowly revealed herself.

"Eh!Kuumin,bikkurishita" I exclaimed. However she didn’t seem to be shocked at all. She carried an alluring look as she stood at the doorstep,not breathing a word yet. Then she walked towards my direction. I began to quickly button up my shirt.

Out of the blue, I was pinned against the wall. Right within my view I can only see the hungry devouring look my predator’s face. And sure enough, my idea was confirmed when she slowly placed her lips beside my ears and whispered out, “you look delicious Non”

My eyes went shut from the proclamation. Did I heard it wrongly?

"can I taste you Non?"

I felt a hand running sleazily against my sensitive bare skin, my stomach underneath my white shirt. Her left hand ran mischieviously across the surface. Another hand was not left idle. 

Kuumin uses her right hand,lifted my chin up and engaged us in a slow kiss at first. I had no idea why. Never did I once tried to push her away or reject any of her advances. Both my of my hands were idle. I moved my lips against her soft and moist lips,that was the 2nd kiss of my life.  Kuumin felt like…….a really experienced kisser. 

It slowly escalated into a rough kiss as I could feel her biting onto my my lower lips.

"Itai" I said between our kiss.

"open your mouth" Kuumin but all commanded.

As if possessed, I did what she told me to. As my lips slowly pry apart, I felt her tongue slid into my mouth. Is this….what they called french kiss? 

It felt disgusting as our salivas mixed when she invaded my mouth, it’s my first time experiencing french kiss. It felt weird doing this. It felt wrong but at the same time right. I started to get annoyed at myself for being indecisive. I had to stop this.

"p-please…… stop…. Kuumin" I tried to push her away on her chest but she was too strong for me. 

Next thing I knew was that familiar heat of two bodies locked together being felt again. Kuumin pressed her weight against me aggresively. She was definitely not going to let me off from the determined smirk she had just displayed in a flash. No,I really had to stop this

Mustering all my strength,with my right hand,I landed a hit ……… On her left cheek. 


She stopped all actions at that moment,cupping her red cheek. She looked into my eyes intently. Silence engulfed the atmosphere.

Unshed tears began to fill my eyes,I didn’t want to show any of these to her,I am not that vulnerable,so much that she could manipulate me to this extent.

"Kanon….gomen nasai"
It was as feint as it could,she sounded like she was crying. But I was really angry,angry at Kuumin for doing these to me,angry for forcing me.

Angry for making me not knowing myself anymore.


The door slammed shut leaving Kuumin alone in the dressing room.

She sat defeatedly on the floor leaning her back against the wall. Many thoughts occupying her mind. Especially this one sober fact….


Hidden Name (Wmatsui+KuumiNon) ENDING

Rena is riding on a taxing to go home, while on the trip, she really are thinking so hard with what matsui-kun just said..

It’s not true, we’ll meet again jurina, ah- Kobayashi Jurina, you promised me right? we made each other’s promise so don’t broke it.. My asthma now is gone, I’m sure Jurina will be happy knowing that, ehh?!! As of my act earlier, She said that is this asthma attack? For a person like me acted like that, maybe she’ll think any of sickness except asthma.. why would it be? AH! Baka Rena-chan! Coincidence happens don’t be so stupid thinker!

She then reached their house and head to her room.. After she take a bath and still those wounds are still on her skin… She walks towards her bed slowly to not fall on the floor.. she now lies on her bed.. Still thinking when her phone rung… “Ah- moshi-moshi?” Rena said while taking a deep breathe.. “Are you home now Rena-chan?” said on the other line.. “EH? Who are you?” Rena said.. “Matsui Jurina, Are you safe home now?” Matsui-kun said on the other line.. “Ah, yes, why did you call all of the sudden?” Rena said.. “I just, missed you so much” Matsui-kun said..”I hate you!!” Rena then hanged down the phone.. After 30 seconds„ She received a mail from Matsui Jurina…

Nee, Rena-chan, Are you still mad at me?

Yes, I am! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Please don’t hate me Rena-chan (T_T)

Why shouldn’t I hate you after those mean words you said earlier! (>д<)

Ah, that one, I’m sorry for saying that , ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

I’ll just forgive you if you take those words back..

I wouldn’t because I mean it..

What?!! Why are you so annoying huh? It’s non of your business so stop…

Really? Rena-chan? I guess so… 


Rena cutted the conversation because it makes her irritated.. She went to sleep.. TOMORROW…….. morning, Rena received a mail again from matsui jurina..

ohayo! princess ! I hope you’re doing fine take care going to school \(^▽^*) 

"Why is she acting like that!! I hate it!!" Rena said and throw her phone on her bed and take a bath… After everything’s done, she’s now taking a leave to go to school.. "Okasan! I’ll be going!" Rena shouts.. On school..

"Ohayo minna -_-" Rena said while entering their classroom.. "Eh? What’s up to you Rena-chan? Aren’t you sleep right?" kuumin said while waving her hands on Rena’s sleeping face.. Then, suddenly kuumin punched her.. "Hey!! That hurts!" Rena said while her face is at mad.. "It’s just to wake you up" kuumin teased.. The class started.. after  15 minutes, 

"Ah Rena-chan, What is the important thing that happened on your life and does it make you happy? please stand up" As their teacher said.. "Eh-eh? Ano, i think the most important thing that happened in my life is when I met this person who gave light to my darkness life.. And that person did make me happy, *bows her head* and i think it’s the most important detail in my life" Rena said when she sits down, still bows her head and tear fell down from her eyes.. "Ne, Rena-chan why are you crying? You’re lucky that sensei didn’t notice it" Kuumin tapped her on her shoulders.."I just- I just- I just can’t wait anymore *tears*" Rena whispers not looking into kuumin’s face…

Kuumin stand up and asks a permission.. “Ah, sensei!! Can i go to the bathroom with Rena-chan ?? Please!!” kuumin shouts.. “Ah wait, the class is about to dismissed now and break will come over so wait for 1 more minute okay?” teacher said.. “Ah hai” Kuumin said.. After 1 minute, the class has dismissed.. And kuumin grabbed Rena’s hand to go to the bathroom.. They reached the bathroom,

"Hey Rena-san, what’s the problem? I’m your friend.. speak it out" Kuumin said while patting Rena’s down head.. Rena hugged kuumin.. "I can’t wait any longer kuumin, I can’t anymore *cries* It’s been 5 years I was waiting for her, *sob* It’s- , It’s—- Hurting me now so bad *cries*" Rena said and cried on kuumin’s shoulder.. "Ah, you kid, still not forgetting her huh? why not forgetting her? and give other people a chance to love you" Kuumin said.. "Like Matsui Jurina, she really does like you Rena-chan right?" Kuumin added.. "That girl? She’s just playing around, She don’t like me either.." Rena said.. "How could you know that? Did she ever told to you that she doesn’t like you? Why don’t you give her  a chance?" kuumin said.. "It’s not that easy kuumin, what if she come backs and I’m now happy with Matsui Jurina? I’ll be the one who blame in that situation.." Rena said.. "I think not Rena-chan, because she have waited you for 5 years without any mails or news about her, or maybe she’s married with a guy, you know even if it’s impossible, It can be happened.." Kuumin said..While the two are still hugging each other.. The bathroom door opened.. 

*KUUMINON MOMENT* (sorry for entering this scene here It’s just a bonus i think ? :P)

"wha—what are you two doing?!?" Kanon said.. Kuumin released the hug and stares at kanon.."Ahh— ano non-chan it’s not what you think, really, it’s not what you think" Kuumin tried to explain but kanon slammed the door and walked out.. "Ah, Rena-chan, I think i need to fix this one sorry for not to be there, you can do it" Kuumin said while her face is at worry.. "Ah, it’s okay kuumin„ you helped me so much thank you so much but, I thought you’re in to guys?" Rena  teased to kuumin.. "I don’t know, but i need to follow her..i’ll be leaving then bye!!!" Kuumin ran to follow kanon..  Kuumin saw her finally but kanon keeps on walking .. "Hey! non-chan! wait! It’s not what you think! Hey listen to me" Kuumin shouts at the hallway and made other students to stare at them.. Kanon ran so fast when an only room, the staffs bathroom, and nowhere she’ll escape kuumin.. She entered the room and closed the door, but when she’s about to closed it kuumin quickly puts her feet on the door.. "Gotcha! Hey, non-chan, listen to me first please!!" Kuumin said.. "Why would I? I actually saw it with both my eyes..! No need to explain!!" kanon shouts at the back door while still pushing the door. "Hey Kimoto Kanon!! Are you jealous?!!!" kuumin said.. "Ehh?? Why would I? We don’t have relationship or something, so why would I be jealous then?!" Kanon said but her face reddens. "Really huh? So if that’s the case, open this door now, I got you now hehehe *evilLaughs*" Kuumin whispers on the door.. "Really?! So you like me huh? Yagami Kumi?" Kanon teased.. "Eh—?? Eh-?" Kuumin didn’t say anything but her face turns red too.. "Okay i caught you too! HAHA!" kanon laughs.. "Alright, Non-chan, will you please open the door , please?" Kuumin said seductively and with her sweet voice that makes kanon’s heart to beat so fast..  Kanon opened the door slowly.. Then kuumin gets inside as fast as she can before kanon close it again..Kuumin locked the door.. "Hey,non-chan, it’s not what you think earlier, I’m just hugging Rena-chan because she has problems and no one’s going to comfort her but me, her friend.." Kuumin said and walks closer to kanon.."Ah, okay" Kanon just down her head in embarassment and looking at kuumin’s face.. It makes her heart beat more faster and about to explode.. "So don’t jealous okay? Even if we don’t have relationship status,I knew it that I really like you non-chan" Kuumin pushed kanon at the wall and touched Kanon’s soft and pinkish cheeks.. "I like you too kuumin-senpai" Kanon stares at kuumin’s eyes and their lips are now attached to each other and the kissed goes on passionately..


Matsui Rena washed her face after crying so much… She then go out the bathroom, as she walks her path to her classroom she needs to pass MAtsui Jurina’s section.. she passed by but when she’s about to leave she hears something..

"HAHAHA, You’re such a good actor that time huh Jurina?! You even changed your last name .. HAHA„ Hello Kobayashi Jurina :P" Miyazawa Sae teases Jurina.. Rena didn’t notice that the two were about to go out their room.. "But I was going to——ehh? Rena-chan? Why are you here?" Jurina nervously asked Rena.. but Rena starts to cry again, "So you’re her right?!! You were just playing around huh? Is it fun? Did you enjoy it so much?  Are you happy now? I thought that time I’ve found a friend, maybe not *tears*" Rena ran.. "oooops! I gotta go now!" Sae-chan teased.. "You stupid! I will not forgive you if this doesn’t work out Saechan!" Jurina then ran too and trying to chase Rena but Rena is so fast.. "Hey wait Rena-chan!" Jurina said while running.. Rena found a room where no one is around.. She locked it and cries.. "Hey Rena-chan!! Listen to me please!!" Jurina said while knocking so hard on the door.. "Why would I believe in you again huh? you stupid jerk! stop playing around, making yourself happy does make hurt anyone you know?!" Rena said while crying.. "Okay! I’m sorry for playing with your heart Rena-chan!! I’m very sorry" Jurina still knocking so hard at the door.. "So that’s all? SORRY?!! What do you think am I? a fool to just get away with your word?" Rena said seems angry tone now. "Please let me explain first before saying anything okay?!!" Jurina said in angry tone too.. and she punched the door so hard so it makes a mark on the door.. "I admitted that i played with your feelings but that’s who I am, That’s what kind of person I am, If you see it as playing around, then I understand." Jurina said in her low voice.. "Eh?!" rena stopped crying so that she can hear Jurina’s word clearly.. "When I was 10, I was once called as grenade boy, even though if I’m a girl,because every time other kids teasing me, I blow out and act like a boy to fight against them.. My image that time is bad girl, or bad guy, my friends leaving me behind, because their parents was afraid that i’ll do that thing too with their children, The time that I entered your room is that the boy i have beaten up’s parents was looking for me so I hid on your room but never thought that I’ll fall for you*tears* I’m sorry Rena-chan for making you look like a fool believing in my lies, I just want you to fall for me once more, the kid you met before wasn’t the real personality of mine, It wasn’t my real attitude.. I just— *sob* I just want you to love me now Rena-chan, for who I am now, I don’t want you to love the me that wasn’t the real me..So please Rena-chan, i’m begging you to forgive me *crying*" Jurina said while still hoping that Rena would open the door..

A few seconds later, The door opens, showing Rena’s face, her eyes really looks like she really cries whole time..”Jurina!!!!!! *cries*” Rena-chan get out of the room and hugged quickly jurina… No one’s going to stares at them because everyone are at the canteen having their snacks.. “Why are you so stupid! Leaving me huh?” Rena punches smoothly Jurina’s shoulders.. “Sorry for doing all those stupid things I have done to you Rena-chan, I love you and I misses you so much!!” Jurina said while still hugging Rena tight.. “I thought you were leaving me, but I’m so glad that you didn’t broke your promises, I love you jurina!!! *cries*” Rena cry again..They entered the room, and locked it.. The two kisses as much as they can.. and the kiss becomes passionate.. Jurina then opened Rena’s buttons and where her breasts comes to show off.. They continue kissing.. Rena unbuttoned Jurina’s too.. They started to play with their breasts and moans.. “Hey, Rena-chan, I really want to do it when we’re still kids, but that time I think that I should study more about these things, hahah” Jurina said.. Jurina was about to say something again but somehow, Rena seems to be hungry of Jurina’s lips.. They just continue what they are doing..

After 3 months… 

The relationship of the two grows stronger.. 

On the bathroom where Rena,Jurina,Kuumin and Kanon are talking.. Rena and Kanon are putting their make ups and lipstick on.. Jurina is hugging Rena from the back while Rena is putting some lipstick… And Kuumin is in front of Kanon’s face.. “Hey, kuumin I can’t see, please move aside” Kanon said while putting her mascara on.. “I don’t want, I just want to stare on your face, it’s just so cute” Kuumin pouts her lips asking for a kiss, Kanon kissed her..for about 3 seconds only.. “Waaaa„ arigato! non-chan! Daisuki!” Kuumin hugged kanon so much.. “Ne, Rena-chan, where’s mine? :3” Jurina pouts her lips too, it’s so cute, super cute!!! that Rena-chan can’t resist. Rena turn around and kissed jurina while hugging her.. About 10 seconds.. they broke the kiss. “That was so sweet! I want more Rena-chan! :3” Jurina then pout her lips again but Rena pushed her again. “Enough Jurina, that’s being a pervert now” Rena teased. “Non-chan! That was unfair! They kissed 10 seconds, we kissed only 3 seconds.” kuumin with her cute expression.. “We’ll continue it at my house, you’ll come stay over there okay?” Kanon said and smiles. “Hey,Hey, Rena-chan, can i come over on your house too!!?” Jurina said excitedly.. “Okay Jurina, you really are a pervert huh” Rena teases too. 

"Having this pervert kid in your life right? hahaha!" Rena said while the four of them are leaving and heading their way to their house.. "HAHA, absolutely, pervert kids HAHAHA" Kanon said.. "Are we that super pervert kuumin? :3" Jurina asked kuumin.. they just looked at each other.. "I admit HAHAHa" Kuumin answered. and the four of them laughed..