10 things that makes me love Chris Colfer ( no particular order )

1. because his is genuine, humble & sweet


2. because he become inspiration to me & a lot of peoples 

3. because of his great achievement

4. because of his amazing talent in singing,acting, writing & etc.

5. because of his face 

6. because of his smile & his laugh

7. Because of his witty & smart comment add with his humor & sarcasm in every interview

8. his ass (im not even sorry stating that)

9. because of the way he dance

10. He is freaking Christopher Paul Colfer 

Just remember Kurt fans

Finn Hudson loved Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson respected Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson admired Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson made Kurt Hummel feel awesome:

Finn Hudson Was incredibly supportive of Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson was Kurt Hummel’s friend:

Finn Hudson was Kurt Hummel’s brother:

Finn Hudson was the only person to call Blaine out on his sh*t for hurting Kurt:

He also called Rachel out on her sh*t when she screwed things up for Kurt at the school election:

BTW he also chose Kurt Hummel over Rachel:

Finn Hudson thought Kurt Hummel was Awesome/Amazing/Perfect just the way he is:

And if he were still alive..:

..he would would stand by Kurt Hummel because he truly cared about him:

I am so sorry to all the Kurt fans going through so much crap with Glee’s destructive/unfortunate return. You all deserve better for a character you’ve all grown to love, respect and believe in more than anything. I see that you all feel so alone, sad and angry just as he seems but remember this…Kurt Hummel did have at least one friend in the end of it all. A terrible tragedy took that special friend away forever but never forget Finn Hudson was his friend and he had his back til the very end and now he is watching over his little brother. 

Here’s one last Furt hug from me to you.


Harry Potter taught the world to believe in magic again, that love conquers all, and that the impossible can be seen as an option

Chris Colfer x

Displaying his belief in the morals of Harry Potter, Chris Colfer has donated a signed set of all three of his books to the Harry Potter Alliance to help fund a year of equality campaigning. You can enter the contest to win the full set for only $20 here. Only open until Saturday, October 12th at 12 am PT!

even tho i still don’t ship kadam i was totally won over by adam when he and kurt were in the dance studio and kurt tried to bring himself down but adam was just like “let’s try this again…” and kurt thanked him i mean i feel as though he’s trying to tell kurt that he shouldn’t let anyone else define him and it’s just really great for kurt okay

anon asked: #19 with Klaine … having a wet dream and calling the other’s name during it (nc-17)

By the time Blaine gets his literature essay done, it’s well past three in the morning.

He wearily shuts down the library computer and flicks off the desk light. There are a couple of other students still up studying, but by now—a Sunday night—most of the other last-minuters have retreated to bed.

He blearily makes his way to his dorm room, rubbing his eyes hard and eternally grateful that he doesn’t live off-campus, especially in the craziness that is the last week before finals. There had been talk of him and Sam getting an place together somewhere, but then Sam had booked a gig which took him to Europe for five months and they gave up on that idea. The idea of living in a little shoebox apartment in the middle of busy New York City was only really an appealing one if there was someone else there with him.

He sneaks inside quietly, setting his bag down and stripping out of his jeans and sweater. He accidentally knocks a deodorant can off his desk, banging onto the wooden chair with a loud clang, but his roommate simply rolls over and smacks his lips a little, still asleep.

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