Blaine cheated on Kurt, sexually assaulted him, admitted he’d like it if Kurt did everything Blaine said, manipulated Kurts diet, and probably a lot more. Just the fact that Kitty (bully) did something similar to Marley (victim), by trying to manipulate her eating habits, and Karofsky to Kurt, by non consensually kissing and touching him, is worrysome. Klaine should’t so easily be compared to the relationship of a bully and their victim when they are supposed to be soulmates, should they?


And Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt, is the unlikeliest of actors clearly born to sing Norma Desmond’s 11 o’clock number from Sunset Boulevard. He performed every beat of “As If We Never Said Goodbye” as if he’s been honing his acting choices for years. (*)

Kurt’s version of “As If We Never Said Goodbye” was absolutely stunning in every conceivable way. He had the emotional connection, the musicality, and the storytelling ability down pat. Goosebumps. (*)

Every time the number cut to another student’s response to Kurt, it became a documentary about people reacting to talent. (What were Colfer’s fellow actors thinking during their close-ups? Probably something along the lines of, “This guy is amazing.”) The music was over; it was time to face the world. Perfection. (*)