Victoria (Wendie Malick) directs her mother (Carol Burnett) and son (Chris Colfer) in a musical; Elka (Betty White) auditions for a part in Victoria’s play.

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Sweet DREAMers Chapter Sixteen

Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel AU Read on


Rating: M

Word Count:  4829 Chapter 16/30

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New chapters will be posted every four days until done.

Huge thanks to my beta, flowerfan and my reviewer, LolaIsMe

Summary:  Blaine Anderson is a business major at Baruch College of the City University of New York (CUNY).  Blaine came to the United States from the Philippines on a tourist visa with his mom when he was three years old and since then, has lived in Woodside, Queens with his mom and cousin Marco. As a gay, undocumented student, he has the questionable good fortune to belong to two marginalized populations.  One day, while at his part-time job at a book store, Blaine meets Kurt Hummel, a theatre major from Ohio attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and begins a tentative friendship. Before it has the chance to bloom into more, Blaine’s immigration status is revealed, creating issues for both of them.

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Warning for reaction to the death of a non-canon character, and a discussion of mourning/grieving for a canon character – not Finn.



Friday, October 24, 2014

Despite being tired, Blaine had a hard time falling asleep once he got home. He had set his alarm to ring a bit earlier than usual so he could speak to his mom before he left to catch the subway for school.  He didn’t remember finally drifting off to sleep, but when his alarm rang, he had trouble rousing himself, despite Marco groaning about the noise from the next bed.  Blaine felt a bit more human after a shower and a cup of coffee that he poured from the pot his mom had made.  He was taking a final sip when Janelle opened the door of her bedroom and came into the kitchen, dressed for work, and clasping a bracelet to her wrist.  She smiled when she saw Blaine, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning.  How was your date with Kurt last night?”

“It was great,” replied Blaine.  “We saw a French film that was made 50 years ago and went out for Thai food. Oh, and the best news is, we’re now boyfriends.”

“Really?  That’s exciting, but it seems so quick. How do you feel?”  There was no judgment in Janelle’s voice, just interest.

“I feel very, very happy.  He’s such a good person.  He really cares about me, and I care about him.”

Janelle smiled.  “Well, your face just lit up talking about him, so he must be very special.” Blaine nodded in agreement.  “Maybe I’ll get to meet your boyfriend one of these days.”

“Maybe,” Blaine replied cheerfully, while he retrieved his bread from the toaster. It was so nice to hear his mom refer to Kurt as his boyfriend! “He is very special.  I’ve never met anyone like him. Would you like to see a picture?”


Blaine’s Bad Day

I’ve thought hard about how I wanted to write this ever since this appeared in my asks.  Eventually, this storyline just panned out.  So without any further ado, here’s Blaine’s Bad Day  
892 Words.  Rated: G

Today was just not Blaine’s day.  Within 5 minutes of arriving at school, the hockey team decided it would be funny to see what a cherry slushy would do to Blaine’s white polo shirt.  Because he had to change his shirt right after he got to school, he was late for homeroom.  Then, of course, in his Spanish class they were having a vocabulary quiz that he completely forgot to study for.  And now, he was sitting in a doctor’s office with a swollen and bruised nose and Kurt panicking in a chair next to him.