drew my friend Tay’s Molly. :) she’s a really adorable character from her new webcomic Monsterkind! :D after chillin with her tonight really wanted to show my support and obvious adoration for her and her characters.

heres a link to her art tumblr - http://enenkaydoodles.tumblr.com/

and her webcomic - http://monsterkind.enenkay.com/comic/latest

also enjoy the high res random color smash shot. it was an idea but idk felt a lil too much, figured it’d be best to keep it more soft. :>

This could be us someday.
Who ever you are,inshaAllah i will wait for you.
May Allah ease everything.
Kalu blh tanak couple , jmp parents mtk izin kalu okey kawen terus.
Kawen muda elak maksiat kan?kurkurkur.

Drawing Game times

the topics from first row, left to right:
1. Nature Child 
2. Sunset/Sunrise
3. Rainbow 
4. Skyrim
5. Aliens (my own topic but drew anyway)
6. Homosexual Goats
7. Night
8. Spain 1900’s (there was a date that was like 18 something, i forget though)
9. “OH BALLS.” Moment
10. Eagle
11. Jack Sparrow ( I was drawing him when he was about to kiss Kiera Knightley or however you spell her name)

yay for iscribble drawing games. and yeah my humor is stupid.

Oh and uh I go by Fase on iscribble lately because i was too lazy to type kur or whatever so i typed gibberish “fasegd” and then just shortened to Fase when I got even lazier..ANYWAY WHOOPS YEAH TIME TO PLAY SKYRIM

Watch on funkloe.tumblr.com

couldn’t upload since its longer than 5 minutes

anyway heres that before and after meme, i didn’t try near the end but fuck it hahaha im so lazy

you can go to my da to fav it if you want: http://kurkurkur.deviantart.com/


So here’s a cool thing that I found out Saturday at AWA.

An old friend of mine is a fan of Baths’ vid Lovely Bloodflow as well. :D He cosplayed as a Black Male version though, and I will say it turned out very well! :)
Very inspiring even, I’ve always enjoyed the costumes they had for the video, the girls were so adorable, and how they bounce around with such innocence…either way I’m getting hyped to cosplay myself! Maybe not just one of the twins, but the lady with the big head dress as well! :)

To watch the video, click this link! —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtTpszuKXqA

The cinematography is just beautiful, and the beats are just head boppin’ good. Inspires me every time I’m in jammin to art and music in general. Always on forever repeat. <3

Baths - Lovely Bloodflow, Art above by F*NK Loe, and J Trott cosplaying above pictures.