My theory on independence!

So I have been wrestling with a theory for the past few weeks, and although not yet completely finalised I would like to share it with you.

As you know our people have been oppressed under many evil dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, whilst we have done all that we could with the little that was available to us, I’ve been wondering is there a way in which we kurds can reclaim our land and be more influential in the region at the same time, for this theory I have specifically looked at Bakur ( northern kurdistan).

According to latest statistics (turkstat) the population of northern kurdistan is 20-22 million! That is a jump from 10.5 in 1990. So in a period of 25 years our population has doubled. What does this mean? Well..we account for 30+ percent of the population of turkey, which if I was to hypothesis one could claim that by 2030 kurds could become 50+ percent of the population, then we are no longer a minority, could turkey still treat 50% of it population they way it does now? The answer is no. We could through cultural and linguistic education keep the kurdish identity alive and pass it on.

So ladies and gentlemen we no longer need tactics of insurgentcy nor do we need to be the victims, through reproduction and education we as a people can out populate our enemies!

Here are my top tips to achieving this:
1, find a kurdish person you like.
2.get consent
3. Get married
4.have 3+ children
5. Teach them kurdish language, history, culture,
6.pass on the message!

Ladies and gentlemen the revolution is in the bedroom..lay down your guns and lay with your husbands and wives! As I swear by the glorious sun and nawroz our day will come!

Kurdish female fighter's death

  This is Ceylan Ozalp, age 19.

   This 19-year-old Kurd fought for her people against Islamic State militants. United Nations reports that ISIS commits mass killings, enslaving thousands of women and children for sexual abuse. 

   She promised she’d rather kill herself before falling into ISIS’s hands. In late September, early October, Ceylan Ozalp killed herself after a firefight with ISIS.

   According to Al Arabiya News, she said “goodbye” over the radio before turning her gun on herself in a fulfillment of her promise.

   She was a young woman deeply committed to protecting her rights and the rights of others and, before even leaving her teenage years, killed herself to preserve her body and soul from the horrifying deeds ISIS commits every day.   

Transgender comrades are among the millions who have gathered in the predominantly Kurdish city of Amed / Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey for Newroz celebrations and to hear the reading of the Newroz message from imprisoned Kurdish resistance leader Abdullah Öcalan, 21.03.15 

pic via @OccupiedTaksim (twitter)


Kurds in Japan celebrating Newroz with their Japanese friends!

Many of the Kurdish immigrants in Japan come from Bakûr and stay under refugee status. The Kurds here learn Japanese whilst speaking Kurdish and sometimes Turkish. The Kurdish children who go to the Japanese schools often become fluently trilingual. Kurds residing in Japan take advantage of cultural freedoms they are not openly permitted in Turkey by displaying Kurdish flags, listening to Kurdish music, speaking Kurdish, and celebrating Newroz. They may also give Kurdish names like “Roni” or “Rohat,” which mean “the sun will rise,” to their children who are born in Japan. These names are forbidden in Turkey due to their political implications (the flag of Kurdistan, banned in Turkey, features a sun).

Newroz, the New Year celebration that is often an occasion for violence in Turkey, is celebrated openly and peacefully in Japanese parks.