This is a commission I did for a fan of Haibane Renmei. It was an interesting assignment because he asked me to watch the whole show before telling me exactly what I would be drawing. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, (even though I’m my own worst critic and can always knit-pick any of my pieces to shreds)

I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed the show. It was almost hard for me to watch because it really jerked me around emotionally, even though I liked it so much. Weird how something can be both sweet and painful at the same time on occasion.

Reki and Kuramori

As a character in this anime we see her as a mothering like presence that Reki takes on in Old Home. She looks out for the Haibane and the Young Feathers. However in this particular still we see that she has found Reki presumably hours maybe even days after hatching out of her cocoon.

So in Haibane Renmei the Haibane are brought into the world of Glie through a cocoon. Usually fellow Haibane find these cocoons and watch over them anticipating their arrival like Rakka’s. However in Reki’s case no one found her cocoon. It was Nemu who found Reki on the floor of a cold and dark room after some time in which Reki’s wings had spouted. Unlike Rakka’s wings, Reki’s was were stained black. As Reki adjusted to Old Home she was seen as “different” because of her wings and treatment by Kuramori. However Kuramori was always there for her despite her mistakes, misgivings, and  disagreements (like Nemu).