“LAUGHIN AT YA” official music video is RELEASED NOW!!!!! It’s all for my Kupcakes!!! 😄😜💋🌟💀 Share with all your friends….share everywhere!!!!!! www.youtu.be/_zCNVyi0PIE @roryrockmore @patricia_field @tanimi_nyc @comi_myob @joyrichla @funkyfantastic @gabededios @nikkolamere @djbobbyquest @lainarauma @michaelkuluva @ryeryebitch @ryanrookie @mspenznneedlez @melodyehsani @gumminyc #laughinatya #erynwoods #teamkupcake #kupcaketakeover (Taken with Instagram)

Soooo you’ve been waiting so patiently and I’m soooo excited to finally beable to share this with you!!!! The official video for “Laughin At Ya” will be released TOMORROW, July 26th at 10AM EST!!!!!!!! This is our next movement Kupcakes!!! #kupcaketakeover #teamkupcake #erynwoods #laughinatya @comi_myob @tanimi_nyc @gabededios @funkyfantastic @joyrichla @michaelkuluva (Taken with Instagram)