literally the laziest costume concept art i’ve ever drawn

Steampunk Femzee; what do yall think?

i’m worried it’s too far off of canon and it won’t be accepted because now i’m pulling in two aus simultaneously; a genderbend and steampunk

i took a lil inspiration from some of the fancy dreamers with the exposed hoopskirt; should i take away that top tier of purple polka dots and just have the legs exposed up to the prospit-colored cuff at the base of the corset?

also does this even read as gamzeeish or steampunk?


whimsicalpopsicle replied to your post:i’m so proud of how this drawing is turning out…

o_o I wanna see

hhhhh i really wish i could post wips but uh reasons.  i’m going on my fifth hour of marathoning this drawing and i’ve gotten most of the torso done (which wasn’t as hard as i thought) but now i’m getting into the hips and DAMN THIS COSTUME IS BEAUTIFUL BUT SUCH A PAIN TO DRAW that and i’ve been drawing with ink for so long that i’ve gotten super lazy when it comes to graphite and i don’t want to blend anything >n<

oh fine have a wip, but this is only for your eyes.

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