Just a collection of photos of our Attack on Starbucks group cosplay

Mikasa: me (cracky-mikasa)
Eren/Starbucks cup: ask-magichands-jaeger
Annie: senpai-chan-kun-san
Krista: hip-storia / ask-queen-reiss
Petra: levis-dead-bitch
Marco:??? Hipster Titan:???

Photographer: Ansenphotos (FB or ansenphotos.com)


Crowley was running around with a contract all weekend, getting people to sign their souls away. The contract read “I do hereby sign my soul away to Crowley, King of the Crossroad and Duke of Hell, for my “ship” to be “Cannon”. Please sign ship and name below” (We didn’t actually read before signing so we forgot to write the ship names)

Martha Jones and the Doctor both signed their souls away, though the Doctor did try to loop hole out of it by signing an alias (John Smith). Bilbo Baggins also signed her soul away, with absolutely dreadful penmanship for a hobbit. May we all take a moment to appreciate the timelord’s handwriting? That signature is gorgeous.

Crowley: rule34ducky
Martha Jones: zygom4t1c4rch
Ten: gingerten

So I mentioned knowing the creator of MotivationStuck to this neato BananaSollux and he asked me to pass along how much he appreciates the blog. This pic’s for you Poodle. :B


So here are my costumes from kumoricon!
Friday I was God Tier Roxy from Homestuck with an exceeding large, red sniper rifle
Saturday I was Junko from
Dangan Ronpa for Monokuma’s Extracurricular Q&A Panel, then I changed into Sailor Neptune.
on Sunday I was Maizono from Dangan Ronpa with a “Birthday Princess” crown and I was also in the Dangan Ronpa Murder Mystery Panel, wherein I was the culprit!
If you took a photo of me or saw me please feel free to say hi!