The Sami people have been using cups made of birch for thousands of years. Called guksi, kuksas by the Finns, and kåsa by the Swedes, they are carved by hand from burls, which makes them extremely durable, and typically strung from a belt or pack with a strip of reindeer hide. You can drink anything in them and, so long as you don’t leave the liquid sitting in it for days, it won’t hold the taste. For care, you simply rinse and dry it (no detergents).   From Adventure Journal

"The Kuksa (or Guksi (Sámi), Kåsa (Swedish)) is a traditional wooden cup originally made by the indigenous people of Lapland, the Sámi.[…]"


Salamajärven kansallispuisto

When the coffee is first poured, the person the foam floats to will receive some money or a gift. If the drinker is alone and the foam floats away from him, he will have many debts.

photo credit: reissussa/blogspot