Kukaniloko Birth Site, an extremely important archaeological site on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaii.

Kukaniloko - Also known as the Royal Birthing Stones, this location is where royal women were brought to give birth. In early Hawai'i, this is where royalty came for the birth of their child to assure high-ranking status. The site consists of numerous stones within a grove of eucalyptus and coconut trees surrounded by pineapple fields. Reached by taking a dirt road (Whitmore Avenue) off Kamehameha Highway (Hwy 99), just north of Wahiawa, opposite Whitmore Avenue. This is also a state monument.

Via University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy

The University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy has actually done some very interesting research of the site, for more information and images of the site, check out their page. In 2000, a team from the university recorded the shapes and designs of the stones -in which could have been used to track the movements of celestial objects for calendrical purposes.

Photos courtesy & taken by Joel Bradshaw.