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at school i wrote captain kirk on all of my papers instead of my actual name and eventually all of my teachers started to call me captain kirk and they got confused all the time trying to figure out which name was mine in their grade books because they was looking for kirk

holy shit

New FR Goal.

> Become Mod.

> Get the CandyCane Xolo for my Icon.

> Change name to Xolo.
 - If name is already in use demand that they change their username for the greater good.

> Exalt/Sell all dragons and rebuild lair with all triple roses and double Navy with white bellies. 

> Name all Xolo.

> Answer all questions with “Xolo? Xolo!”

> Be the best Mod in the world and become the owner of the site.

> Rename the site Xolorising. 

> Replace all dragons with Xolos.

> Become the ruler of the world.

A new year is ahead of us and before 2013 ends, let me thank all of my followers that keeps on supporting my blog and posts and also to the gorgeous people who always filled my dahsboard full of gorgeousness every single time. As time passes by, I am unfolding my world and discover more and more amazing blogs. Also, this ff is to congratulate my blog. Yey! Sorry for all the crappy edits guys and to also to the crappy edit above lmao. I'll do my best next year. hwaiting. I am also thankful for the seniors stans here on tumblr. They became my inspiration. \ugly sobs/. This thank you ff would not be complete if i can't congratulate all EXO stans and SONEs for always supporting EXO and SNSD. I am so proud i belong to these fandoms. LET'S KEEP ON SUPPORTING THEIR CURRENT AND UPCOMING ACTIVITIES TOGETHER! HWAITING!
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I hope y'all are getting paid for this cause this blog is gold.

Ugh, I wish. That would make life so much easier. Maybe if we wish hard enough someone will come along and give us a book deal or something.


Why aren't there gifs on DR?

It seems to me like Mushu could summarize everything everyone has ever said
Here, just let me…









Newbie hate

(Unresponsive) Admin/Mod hate

Botter/AP/Account Banning drama

Flambebes: Thenks Mather

Everyone else:

Among other things.

Lastly, I have Arcane, probably, when they battle for dominance against Wind…

Eh. That’s all.