Everybody do do do do do do need a thneed!


Well the Thneed Shop song from the original Lorax short made it’s rounds this morning, and I decided to try something different.

Sorry if it’s a bit messy and stuff, the style isn’t exactly easy to do, and I didn’t want to spend 8 hours on the lineart. I even messed with it in photoshop a bit to try and give it a tiny bit of the ‘authentic’ feel from the original.

Just mashing old and new for fun.


Happy Anniverse-Ler-y!

I know I was the one that said we should draw canon Onceler but this kINDA JUSt happened. I spent like 4+ hours on it tho my GAWD this is why I rarely do fully completed artworks fhfhdfsjf

These are my askblog, Winter Onceler's 'young' and 'greedy' designs.

I find it kinda funny that you can’t really tell he’s an askblog asIDE FROM MINOR DIFFERENCES gomen but I do try my best to keep Winter’s personality and origin story as close to canon as I can so…

ANYWAYS tried a few different things here and whatnot, please enjoy!

Famous Last Words

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone (Or dead!)
Honey if you stay, I’ll be forgiven
Nothing you can say can stop me going home

I spent so long on this I forgot dinner 8|

Kind of an attempt to redo a old sketch I did but with a twist - I hope you figure it out/enjoy it ;)

EDIT FYI: If you want to see it in its full view, please go to the DA submission and ‘download’ it - it’s really big believe me.


Doomsday - Nero

I’m sorry, this is as far as I can go with this thing, both in physical ability and skill. 

I really like it, and I know what I WANT to see, but I just can’t finish it. Maybe someone can help me with it sometime… anyways, yeah

Have some dramatic old-timey Truff Flu

Y’know, before One got locked away, Entre wasn’t completely insane, and Mr 72 was still faceless.

I’m a Rock and Roll Superstar!


Yeah it’s super late for me and I’m gonna keel over any second but here’s this for you guys. Saw a little anime thing and got inspired to try something different, so I did

Added glasses and sparkles last minute to go the extra mile hope you enjoy~

Back in the day
When I was younger
I was so lost and proud

I’ve gained the world
But it will never
Compare to what I’ve earned

"Calls Me Home" by Shannon LaBrie


(this is really really big fyi - best seen in like 75% so any bloops I made can’t be seen XD)

Based off of this amazing Once-ler AMV that rolled around a while ago

I’ve had this sitting in my sai folder for AGES now. I had stopped working on it halfway through because no matter what I did, I wasn’t happy with it.

So, I decided to archive it as I have done many times before, until my skills could catch up with my ideas.

The internet went out for a few hours earlier today so I decided to pick this back up again. I like it.

But by GOD did I fiddle with the details in this thing dhsakfhdsjf took so long…


Alas, poor Jericho!

I knew him, Gabriel; a fellow of infinite boop, of most excellent ass; he hath carried me on his back a thousand times; and now, how messed in my imagination it is! My throat rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how often. Where be your taunts now? Your gigs? Your songs? Your flashes of rockitude, that set the audience into a roar?

Mmk I hope Shakespeare forgives me for butchering his original words but yeah.

Been working on this for like, a wEEK so yeeeeeeerghghdj

enjoy (also please go to my DA submission so you can see it in full view ty)

 He wasn’t supposed to see through the reflection in the shattered glass. He wasn’t meant to be cut by the shards, healing waxen thread that Spook can’t cover up with a mask.

            It’s spreading, he realizes, like a disease. He takes a long drag; the dimming elucidate smoke curls into his mind, filling the empty eye socket and the torn patches of his mind until they’re fuzzy, indistinct, numbed. There are health benefits, he soothes himself. There’s logic, no pain. He searches long into the night, stuffs a third joint into the empty can and sticks it back on the open window sill. He can’t feel the cold. The ticking of the clock brings a monotonous order to his mind. It’ll clear the headaches, it’ll stop the nausea, the other preventing heart disease. It’ll lose its potency as a contagion. It’ll stop.

            He takes a drag, a hit, to forget the forthcoming decay.


here have it

cut from a fanfic by ever-whisp

Here we go! Back to the classics, Greedler and Oncie ponis!

I ended up kinda emulating the style of the blog a bit more than originally anticipated, but that’s k! Came out nicely. Greedler’s coat was a bitch to put on him, but it came out in the end.

Cutie marks reflect on themselves: Oncie’s is hope for new beginnings (and music-note shaped plants) and Greedler’s is foreboding and dying (not like he’ll listen to it anyways)

Butt touch!

The man once known as The Once-ler.


Have some feels for your feels while you feel as you feel.

This is a very beautiful but tragic Once-ler AMV. I’m sure you all know it.

Spent a few good hours working on this spontaneous idea. Tumblr isn’t working on Firefox for me right now, so I doodled this while waiting for tumblr to un-broke. It still hasn’t, but at least tumblr seems to be working on Chrome.

Is there such a thing as too much detail? I don’t know what got into me to do all that, but it looks good so myeh.


A young and optimistic man, The Once-ler had once set out on a life-changing mission to  prove his worth and become a successful businessman. Though he means well, over time his greed corrupts him, and he starts destroying the land from which he garnered his success. Doing so also caused the legendary Guardian of the Forest to abandon the land, and the land died. 

Seeking to fix his mistakes, The Once-ler modifies his beloved guitar into a powerful weapon and embarks on yet another quest to bring back the Guardian and to right his wrongdoings. 

Hahaha…ha… my bf has been playing Playstation All-stars Battle Royale a lot lately (it’s a great game you should play it) and thus inspired this… the opening cinematic for the game is fantastic too, which style this is based off of. The little blurb is written like the ones in the character descriptions in the game’s wiki.

It was difficult, but a very fun challenge. (hey, it’s blue glowy stuff, my favourite) Lighting and design and all that. I’m gonna post just the lines in a bit, for anyone who’s interested.

Have some Winters!

Couldn’t decide what I wanted to do or how to update Winter, so I just decided to draw up full references for some of Winter’s favourite outfits.

From left to right: Outdoors, Business, Casual, Sleepwear

I designed all of his outfits more or less, using references for fashionable male clothes and ect

Winter did not enjoy posing just after he woke up tho :c (yes those are fuzzy thneed slippers, they’re his favourite)

Enjoi! :D

Oh, come on! Nobody has ever been hurt by a little science!

…Okay. Apparently you CAN get hurt by a little science.

….and have your eyebrows catch on fire.


eeeee this turned out really well!!! I’m glad, it was a real challenge while I was working on it!

some art of Ghost cause Clara did such wonderful art of Winter for me~

Hope you enjoy! Oh, and the little doodle is fairly big, open it in a different tab to see it better ;)



There was Once a tall Red Cloak, who wanted to see all he could see. He wanted to travel far, to be successful, to be one others could look up to. To be Proud. 

After a long time, he did become successful. His cloak was adorned with elaborate designs, his scarf long and flowing. Other Red Cloaks looked up to him, and he was Proud. 

But with too much Pride comes a price.

 A typical Journey through the mountain turned for the worse, when his Pride made him feel invincible and he dared take on a Guardian’s challenge to show off in front of his friends. His beautiful cloak torn and his Pride severely damaged, he looked to those he thought were his friends - his family - for help, only to see they had abandoned him in the cold and snow.

 Ashamed of himself, he secluded himself deep within the mountains with only the snow and ice for companions, and through stories passed down through the years, became known as the One Once Prideful. 

Years passed as he lived in isolation, until one brave young Red Cloak dared a solo Journey to seek him out. He watched in hiding as the brave Red Cloak struggled through many trials, but his Journey almost came to an end under the piercing gaze of a Guardian. 

Without thinking of his own safety, the Once Prideful leapt out and saved the young Red Cloak, and the Ancestors smiled down on him that day. For his selfless sacrifice, his tattered cloak was repaired, and he was granted the honor of a pure bright White Cloak. 

Now wiser and much less prideful, the One Once Prideful became a new legend within the Red Cloaks, and lived on to lead many new Red Cloaks through their first Journey through the mountain, bringing them safely and securely to the other side.

Gomen for the text, but I knew if I posted it anywhere else nobody would read it.

ANYWAYS what started out as a doodle became this monstrosity that took me 3 hours cause I redrew every stinking decoration on his frigging cloak >:U

Anyways yeah I’m really proud of this!!! I don’t know if I’d ever color it but I really like it, please enjoy my attempt at a reasonable crossover.