How the HIMYM Finale Was Basically A Bollywood Movie (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, To Be Precise)

I actually woke up at 5am this morning to watch the HIMYM series finale, a show i’ve been mildly obsessed with (except for its awful final season) for a few years now. The series finale was literally everything I wanted- culminating in Ted finally ending up with the only person I ever thought he should have been with. While watching the episode though, I realized that the reason I probably adored the finale so much was because it was essentially the story of my all-time favorite bollywood movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (albeit with a slightly different timeline) and like every good desi girl, I’ve basically wanted my life to be KKHH since I was like, five. So having a version of KKHH set in NYC is basically all my dreams come true. 

So here are the essentials:

Boy meets Girl. They instantly become best friends, despite obvious lingering sexual attraction. They bond over inside jokes that no one else finds funny. 

Their story is interspersed with comic relief from this couple that can’t keep their hands off each other. (how qveet)

Boy and Girl develop a friendship full of hijinks and the occasional catchy pop number.

Except Boy and Girl don’t work out romantically. It’s not their time, they have different priorities, one of them is blind to the perfection clearly in front of them. Heartbroken, Girl LEAVES. temporarily. To Argentina. Or something. 

Enter Girl 2. She’s really, really attractive. She’s also all about impressing Boy with her musical skills. 

Boy is absolutely certain that Girl 2 is the love of his life and he’ll love her forever and this is IT. Because that’s just what happens when you’ve found The One. 

Boy and Girl 2 get married. And have kids. And move to the suburbs. And basically lead a picture-perfect existence. 

But then Girl 2 (hereafter known as The Mother) DIES. Of unspecified, but tragic causes, while Boy is stoic by her bedside. 

This leaves Boy sad and heartbroken and forces him to raise children alone in this dark, cruel world. 

Meanwhile Girl is still around. Because they’re ‘best friends’ and all. It helps that she’s possibly even more attractive than she was before. 

Eeexcept Girl is engaged. to a man hereafter known as The Fiance. The Fiance is rich and hot and no one actually knows what he does for a living. The Fiance also has semicreepy sexual tension with various motherly characters. The Fiance is the ultimate bro. The Fiance is also all about suits. 

Boy shows up at Girl’s pre-wedding celebrations, making her doubt everything she feels about The Fiance. Rain is involved. 


In the end, they wind up together with a little help (or tacit consent) from Boy’s kids. 

So eventually, Boy and Girl end up together, because the ultimate lesson of both KKHH and HIMYM is that it’s possible to have more than one great love in the course of a lifetime. And that the best relationships start as friendships. and maybe sometimes the time isn’t right, but if you’re meant to be together, eventually it’ll happen. 

Because after all, pyaar dosti hai. Laav is friendship.