michaelhanekes asked:

Opening Credits: Catfish Blues - Jimi Hendrix
Waking Up: Les temps de l’amour - Francoise Hardy
First Day At School: Out of the Game - Rufus Wainwright
Falling In Love: I Told You I was Freaky - Flight of the Conchords (THIS)
Fight Song: Sisters are Doing it for Themselves - Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox
Breaking Up: Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons
Life’s OK: Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash (what)
Getting Back Together: Changes - David Bowie
Wedding:  I’m a Boy - The Who hahaha
Birth of Child: Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley
Final Battle: Magic Bus - The Who
Death Scene: Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
Funeral Song: L.A Woman - The Doors (how appropriate) 
End Credits: Such Great Heights - The Postal Service

This is great.

kubrickingdom replied to your post: Magnolia

Hate you for not seeing a movie? That’s a bit overdramatic man haha. You do. Everyone can use more PTA in their lives

haha people can be vicious, y’know. It’s really a shame, because I quite adore his work. I just picked up There Will Be Blood, one of my faves, on Blu-ray for $10. Methinks that’s a bargain!