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H-H-H… Hi guiz. This is my first non-draw post here. So I reached 50 followers because of my last draw in which the response was overwhelmingly unexpected DDD: I want you guiz to know I spent a collective 6 hours reading every single tag available on reblogs and I wanted to apologize for all the pplz I hurt with my horrible emo AU but at the same time my kokoro is so doki doki rn

To my new followers, you probably followed me because you thought I would be consistently posting DMMd stuff but, this is not a DMMd-dedicated blog, so I would not hate you if you unfollow ;n;/

As an extension to the AU mebbe Ren would eventually fall back in love with Aoba but because of the person that Aoba is, not because of everything they endured together, whereas Aoba is loving the Ren that once was, but is okay with the new Ren too cos he’s still a nice guy? Is that better er not really :(

Here is asap extra of they together :3

> New Game +

in the name of our lord and savior jesus christ i’d like to ask all of you to please send nudes,


merry christmas eve everyone 

You know what I hate most about tumblr?

That we fight each other on topics we agree on.

Like, these two people over here: they both support a particular human rights movement- but OH NO, person A doesn’t support it in EXACTLY the SAME way as person B? They’re a terrible human being!!! Send them hate!!!

Or, these two people are both part of this fandom. Person A dislikes the fan favourite character/headcanon, for legitimate reasons, but may not be able to express them accurately. Send them hate!!!

Seriously the aggression on this goddamn site over small ideas, accidental slip ups, different terminology and non-harmful differences in opinion fucking scares me.