141217 KTR:

Listener said that she went to cbb and asked hyuk between wook and hyuk who is more handsome and hyuk replied I don’t compare with someone like ryeowook. Wook called hyukjae immediately to confront him. Once hyuk picked up the phone, he whined ryeonggu~~


Oh man I really love the idea of Tadashi being really understanding towards his friends and their quirks.

Like, Tadashi never messes with Wasabi’s system, and always asks before he takes anything. He brings hair ties to the lab on the days Honey is working with fire in case she forgets some. He notices Fred never talks about his family but likes hearing about his, so Tadashi always tells Fred about Hiro’s latest stunt. And Tadashi never tries to force a conversation on Gogo but instead gives her coffee when she’s been working on her bike too long so she’ll take a break.


141217 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook Phonecall to Eunhyuk