This week’s Kitchensurfing Test Kitchen featuring Kin Shop, short ribs, greens, and an appearance from “Octo-Man.”

Spanish Octopus Salad with baby spring leeks, celery, olives, lemon, smoked paprika, from Chef Stephen Fried (aka “Octo-man”).

Kuku Sabza (Persian frittata with mixed herbs), Turkish tomato salad, radish and herb salad with feta, pomegranate-nigella seed vinaigrette. From Chef Marina Berger.

Asparagus Soup with roasted poblano crema, candied bacon, parmesan bread crumbs, from Chef Jason Lee.

Prawn Laksa with coconut-tumeric broth, bass dumpling, fresh herbs, chili oil, from Chef Evelyn Garcia.

Spring Rolls with roasted pork, Chinese duck sausage, sprouts, cucumber, carrot, peanut sauce, from Chef Evelyn Garcia.

Moo Goo Gai Pan, from Chef Wendy Lau-Wong.

Braised Short Ribs with coconut rice, chili-fried wheat, from Chef Jason Lee.

Cumin Seared Scallops with grapefruit reduction, spring pea parsley purée, mustard greens, baby purple kale, from Chef Steve Fried.

Grilled Romaine with creamy lemon dressing, from Chef Megan Brauch.

Photos from Cristina Sciarra.


It’s Labor Day Friday, and we’ve got the best shots from Kitchensurfing’s Brooklyn Test Kitchen. This week, we have dishes from three brand new chefs, and our in-house dessert expert. From top:

Lemon bars, by Kitchensurfing’s Coralie Kwok.

"Middle Eastern molé" with lamb and beef kefta, pickled beets. Chef Sam Roth.

Watermelon and feta filo cups. Chef Jase Grimm.

Lemon chicken with Spanish-style rice. Chef Paul Rivera.

Pulled pork sliders with cabbage slaw and sesame buns. Chef Jase Grimm.

Pepita parfait, with pickled peppers, corn, cilantro, avocado. Chef Sam Roth.

All photography by Cait Oppermann and Yael Malka.

Welcome to Kitchensurfing Hacks, where we take a closer look at the food media zeitgeist and get hacking. Up first: Dominique Ansel’s Cronut™.

The Cronut™ is a bona fide sensation, the now-signature product of Dominique Ansel’s excellent Soho, New York bakery. Introduced on May 10, 2013, the Frankenstein pastry — equal parts doughnut, croissant, and magic — has quickly become a thing of legend. Meanwhile, the lines for the $5/pop juggernauts have become a thing of pure insanity.

In chef Ansel’s own words, this is the Cronut™:

Taking 2 months and more than 10 recipes, Chef Dominique Ansel’s creation is not to be mistaken as simply croissant dough that has been fried. Made with a laminated dough which has been likened to a croissant (but uses a proprietary recipe), the Cronut™ is first proofed and then fried in grapeseed oil at a specific temperature. Once cooked, each Cronut™ is flavored in three ways: 1. rolled in sugar; 2. filled with cream; and 3. topped with glaze. Cronuts™ are made fresh daily, and completely done in house. The entire process takes up to 3 days.

Indeed. But, then, pastry is a thing of immense precision. So, if he can make them, so can we. Or, more accurately, so can one of our chefs.

So we called Kitchensurfing Ace Jessica Yang, who trained as a pastry chef at the ESCF Ferrandi in Paris and has worked in kitchens around the world, such as at Per Se in New York.

Here, drumroll, is her recipe for bootleg cronuts (little ‘c’, no ™).

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On Friday, we were lucky enough to have Chef Evelyn Garcia stop by for lunch. And by “stop by,” we of course mean “prepare three course lunch equal parts delicious and gorgeous.”

This meal had a lot of well measured spice, and a new entry to the Kitchensurfing Dessert Hall of Fame. Certainly the best coconut flan ever to grace Kitchensurfing HQ. Thanks Chef Evelyn!

From the top:

Seared Scallop with dragonfruit salsa and chinese chive salsa.

Sour Orange Curry, pan-seared pollock, fresh cockles, fiddleheads, breakfast radishes, beech mushrooms.

Coconut Flan, with rhubarb compote, kumquat, cashew-toasted coconut-black sesame crumble.


This Week at The Test Kitchen

Our favorite shots from Kitchensurfing’s Test Kitchen in Gowanus, Brooklyn. From top:

Heirloom carrot salad, by Chef Matthew Freihaut.

Bouillabaisse, by Chef Matthew Freihaut.

Pork loin and shrimp surf and turf with polenta and sun dried tomatoes, by Chef Ed Gallagher.

Plum tart, by Chef Jamie Leanse.

Dry-rubbed leg of lamb, green garbanzo salad with preserved lemon and sheep’s milk feta, Persian cucumber salad with yogurt and mint, charred homemade pita. Chef Chris Lynch.

Photography by Cait Oppermann, Yael Malka, and Max Siegal.


This week, at the Kitchensurfing NYC Test Kitchen:

Oyster Portofino, Blue Point oyster, balsamic vinegar “caviar,” basil oil, from Chef Patrick Andrea.

Scallops Primavera, “smoke” butter, spring ratatouille, guanciale, Meyer lemon dressing. Also from Chef Patrick Andrea.

Szechuan Barbecue Spare Ribs, savoy cabbage slaw. From Chef Jessica Meter.

Chocolate Tart, shaved almonds, coffee whipped cream. From Chef Aaron Hutcherson.


This is the best food in Berlin, live from the Kitchensurfing Berlin Test Kitchen.

This week, we met Berlin chefs specializing in a wide variety of cuisines: from Vietnamese to Indian, to a Kitchensurfing first, Azerbaijani.

Here are some of our favorite shots from this week’s Test Kitchen. And for those of you in Berlin, check out Der Kiez Eats, Kitchensurfing’s guide to eating everything in Berlin.

To find your Berlin chef, start here: kitchensurfing.com/berlin 


This week at the Kitchensurfing Test Kitchen in Brooklyn: Romanian flavors, fried oysters, fresh fish, and braised meat.

You can find all 5 chefs on Kitchensurfing. All photos by Cait Oppermann and Yael Malka. From top:

Veal Oscar, with summer creamed vegetable sauce, Hollandaise, veal demi jus. From Chef Chad Metcalf.

Braised Short Ribs, cauliflower gratin, accordion Yukon potatoes. From Chef Chad Metcalf.

Romanian Roasted Eggplant Salad and Roasted Nightshade Vegetable Spread, from Chef Cristina Mocodeanu.

Stewed Chicken with Polenta, from Chef Cristina Mocodeanu.

Fried Oysters, from Chef Susan Higaki.

Hot & Sweet Thai Ginger Salmon, over black Chinese rice. From Chef Steven Palombo.

Garlic Salmon, with bacon risotto, broccoli rabe. From Chef Durosola Crump.


Test Kitchen Brooklyn. Big flavors, top chefs. From top:

Hamachi Sashimi, kim chee puree, radishes, micro greens. Chefs Pancho and Graciel of The Pod Couple.

Egunsi Stew, with pounded yam. Chef Yemisi Awosan.

Pork Dumplings, with soy dipping sauce, scallion oil, fried onions, “Indian crispies.” Chefs Pancho and Graciel of The Pod Couple.

Hawaiian Roast Pork, macaroni salad, pickled mango. Chef Eric Zawacki.


This week, Kitchensurfing held Test Kitchens in New York and Berlin. Here are the best of the best from chefs on two continents. From top:

Mini grilled cheese sandwiches with spicy tomato soup. Chef Jasmine Sheth.

Blueberry crumb bars. Chef Jasmine Sheth.

Chef Don Peavy prepares beets for his “beetucine.”

"Beetucine" with tomato, oyster mushroom, greens. Chef Don Peavy.

Italian salad, with artichoke, beets, olives, black beans. Chef Sandra Catena.

Forbidden rice with pomegranate seeds. Chef Caique Tizzi.

Assorted sushi and sashimi. Chef Florian Mohaupt.

Summer risotto. Chef Maria Kral.

All New York photography by Cait Oppermann and Yael Malka.

All Berlin photography by Severin Wohlleben.


Some summery dishes from the Kitchensurfing Test Kitchen in Brooklyn.

The theme of the week from a diverse group of chefs? Fresh beets. Take these dishes as inspiration, or find every chef on Kitchensurfing.

All photos by Cait Opperman and Yael Malka. From top:

Chilled Mussels, ‘nduja vinaigrette, fennel bread crumbs. From Chef Elizabeth Fraser.

Beet Salad, cucumber, yogurt, walnut, dill pollen. From Chef Elizabeth Fraser.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin, roasted asparagus, peach chutney, wild rice cake. From Chef Howard Chapman.

Beet and Goat Cheese Napoleon, from Chef Maureen Homenick.

Seared Wild Salmon, potato-rutabega purée, kale, braised Belgian endive. From Chef Russell Moss.

Summer Beet Salad, from Chef Josie Waters.


Every now and then we get a nifty surprise at the Kitchensurfing test Kitchen. This week, 5 of our favorite dishes happened to fit together as a nice, if somewhat eclectic, 5 course meal.

Deconstructed Bruschetta with ciabatta, port-soaked figs, fresh ricotta, roasted prosciutto, bresaola, roasted cherry tomatoes. From Chef Joanna Berry.

Smoked Carrot Bisque, cilantro-cashew “yogurt,” roasted buckwheat. From Chef Daphne Cheng.

Chili Squid, from Chef Brent Lyman.

Lamb Char Siu, from Chef Brent Lyman.

Orange Blossom Madeleines, from Chef Chloe Lasseron.

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