Christmas, Cheese Balls, and the Crayon Incident

Every Christmas season is pretty much the same for me. One side of the family gets together at one location on Christmas Eve, and the other side gets together somewhere else on Christmas day. Both sides love each other, but come on, there are a lot of us and most of them are old. Here are a few iconic holiday things that cease to disappear every year.

The infamous Cheese Ball. I have no idea…

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Hello my friends! I am very happy to announce that after a torturously long semester break, The Beat Hour will be back on air! Life was just not worth living without helping to spread the knowledge of new indie music. Starting this upcoming Wednesday, 6/5, I will stream live on KSSU.com radio at 6pm for the remainder of the summer. I hope you’ll all tune in and send me some love ;)

-DJ Constance

Happy Boo Day

Now that we are halfway thru October, I must say that I looking forward to Halloween. Growing up, Halloween was one my favorite days in the fall, purely because I had a reason to get creative and dress up. But now that I am in college, I enjoy more of the lounging around the house with my friends and watching scary movies, while eating candy. I also enjoy going to corn mazes with my friends and…

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