Cast of webdrama “We Broke Up” Sandara Park + Kang Seungyoon + Kang Seunghyun + Jang Kiyong for Elle Korea

KSH: Hello, Elle TV~ The webtoon was really successful. I think the webdrama will be a little more fun. Please watch!

KSY: Even though the story is about a couple that has broken up, I think it contains many things that can be empathized with the youths of today. Youths of Korea, I hope you will be comforted while watching this webdrama.

DARA: Everyone, I am in this webdrama! You have to watch it!

JKY: As a melodrama, it’s the best so please watch it a lot and give lots of attention and support. Fighting!

Translated by chrissy96_  | Take out with full credit


“Were you looking for me, PD-nim?”