Been getting asked about my paintings a lot lately and to tell you the truth, this piece has been going through all the motions with me for the past SIX months!!! It’s NOWHERE near finished but I prefer it that way. My pieces symbolize my journey and this one has been as chaotic as it seems. It’s LOVE, FEAR, and LIBERATION all in one. It’s been a blessing to work them out on this canvas.Tonight, I’ll put some hours in and I’ll update you all on its progress.
Stay tuned โค๏ธ

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My morning message to you!
Currently I am working on so many things at once but the most beautiful thing I have been working on is an understanding of how much I am of God and of love and an essential part of the universe. I realized on this journey that once I let go of controlling everything and everyone around me, my life started changing. I started feeling freer, open, and happier. So if there is something I’d like you to think about is this: Open your mind to the infinite possibilities of who you can BECOME instead of who you THINK you ought to be. ๐Ÿ™
Let love in and watch miracles happen for you..

All #love & #peace today โค๏ธ

Part of my #KScopeVision journey is ensuring that I am balanced in ALL aspects of my life. We all want financial freedom right? Teach yourself the skills while you can so that you can have a solid foundation and aren’t depending on ANYONE to get your life right for you! ๐Ÿ™Œ

December Thoughts

It has taken a while for me to stand in front of a canvas and speak in my most intimate language. I couldn’t, for a while, deal with that sincere effort of pulling out my most intimate truths and placing them in the fate of my own hands and leaving the work there as is. To speak the language of my heart takes more effort and vulnerability than many know. I can’t just churn out work by request. Although I know that a lot of getting started on the creative process is in setting up the space and just getting to work, it wouldn’t be natural for me to just sit in front of a canvas and work without a true mission to express what I wanted to or needed to. Most of my paintings come from a celebration of my heart and the ability to show vibrancy. Usually after a lesson has been learned, maybe heartbreak, or maybe even the beautiful sense of self-awareness, liberation, and spirituality that accompanies it. The vibrancy derives from many things.

This year has been a roller coaster worth celebrating. My artwork has opened doors for me and my heart was incredibly humbled by many of the brilliant souls I encountered this year. I am beyond grateful. I feel as if so much more will come if my heart remains open to the possibilities that God can create for me.ย 

So now, with all the blessings my soul now possesses after such an incredible year, I can’t wait to offer the world more work. A different kind of work. I will continue working on my mission of inspiring others to trust in their vision by living out mine.ย With many goals ahead of me, I want to wish myself a beautiful and productive end of the year. I know that I will overcome the many turns this life will take. So, I am gearing up with the armor that God has already placed within the depths of my soul.ย 

Peace to me, Peace to you, and always ALL Love,