English schools

Primary School:
Reception- ages 3/4-5
Year one- ages 5-6
Year two- ages 6-7
Year three- ages 7-8
Year four- ages 8-9
Year five- ages 9-10
Year six- ages 10-11
Secondary/High school:
Year seven- ages 11-12
Year eight- ages 12-13
Year nine- ages 13-14
Year ten- ages 14-15
Year eleven- ages 15-16

Just for those who didn’t know and were confused

Also, ‘key stages, or ‘ks’.
KS1- Reception to year 2
KS2- Year 3 to year 6
KS3- Year 7 to year 8/9 (dependant on school, etc
KS4- Year 9/10 to year 11

Then there’s sixth form but that can vary a lot so I won’t add it

Can’t wait until this game drops! Heard that not only are the original staff of Katawa Shoujo are on board, but they got fuckin’ Nobou Uematsu, Just Blaze, J. Dilla, Shing02, and Quincy Jones  to do the music and Frank Miller, Naoko Takeuchi, and Tony Harris to do the character art.

KS2 Morph Animation Dodworth St Johns

A fantastic Monday back at Dodworth St Johns Academy, Barnsley! KS2 pupils have been learning about the different types of animation in their Teach 24 PPA cover lessons. We are discussing and creating the four main types of animation: Cartoons, Stop Motion Rotoscope and Computer Generated.

DSJA Y5 and Y6 have created some very inspiring work today using play dough and also animated a product I have never heard of until I started teaching, ‘Blot Rubbers’. These are fantastic little rubbers that come in many shapes and sizes… Mainly cute little animals. They are fantastic for animation. Teach 24 are definitely going to invest in some of these for the animation lessons!

DSJA KS2 will be continuing their animations in the weeks to come and we will upload the final work at the end of this term!

If you are looking for a new way to reach the computing NC that is engaging for pupils do not hesitate to contact us to order a Teach 24 brochure.


Placement 1b: teaching half a timetable!

Getting through my first week of placement teaching half of the lessons in the timetable to my year 4’s has been EXHAUSTING. Between the actual teaching, class control, marking, preparation, planning, re-planning, evaluating, uni assignments, observations, meetings AND trying to eat and sleep at regular hours I really have been feeling the strain a little this week - and I’ve only been teaching half the time a teacher usually does!

Although some of the prep work has been VERY DULL (thanks uni for making us fill out ridiculously long planning sheets and evaluations), there have been lots of enjoyable moments - we build working compasses in science which the children loved and we did a whole afternoon conducting an experiment with magnets which went really well too :)

The class love having me teach maths (possibly because I give out shiny maths stickers for good answers) and even though I’m not always super confident with the maths teaching (my mental maths is poor, the kids get the answers quicker than I can!) I’m a lot less nervous than I used to be when standing up and talking about measurement conversions and inverse operations and the likes, yay!

The biggest surprise of the week though was discovering how much I enjoyed planning and teaching PE lessons. My background is kind of in coaching children sports so I guess this makes sense but I think even the teacher was surprised by how much the children responded to my ball skills lesson!

My observation this week was for one of my maths lessons, and it was overwhelming positive! I had a couple of useful pointers on there, but nothing drastic, hooray! My reports always comment on my clam attitude with the class, so I obviously I hide my observation nerves well :P

I think the best part of the week though was having the children ask, “Will you be teaching us tomorrow?” and cheering whenever I told them yes :D The number of hugs and lovely chats I’ve had with members of my class this week have been great too, as well as receiving the below drawing of me from the girl who previous drew this masterpiece

(I’d say she’s improving a lot!) Ah well, another manic weekend of planning to look forward to, I’ll try and post some of my plans if I can :)