So…I did that thing where you draw your patron troll wearing your clothes? Yeeeeeaaaaaah…

Actually I think Karkles looks great in a miniskirt and that my preference for shades of monotone suit him perfectly but that may be just me. I APOLOGISE FOR BEING A STYLISH FEMALE, PATRON TROLL.

/me licks him

EDIT: Ooooh my god everyone is in love with Karkat in a miniskirt all of a sudden

 TT: A man can only spend so much time in the middle of the damn ocean with nothing but popcultural detritus and his own thoughts to keep him company.

It’d probably be a lot more Dirk-like if he fished with a knife and his bare hands but this method of fishing is the one you use to pass time. And reflect on the crap your ancestor made wishing he wasn’t so dead so you could rag on him about it.

EDIT: sldfjsdoifjsf Holy shit stop reblogging for a second I forgot his hat ahhhh I’m such a dumbass why didn’t anyone tell me

You spent half of your life trying to fall behind
You’re using your headphones to drown out your mind

Uh yeah…song, on repeat. Image in head. Had to draw. It’s David Lalonde from the Violetescence AU. Violetesence? I have no idea. That my friend made me read :V

Anyway! Kiddo waiting up for mommy to come home. Saddest thing ever u_u Alongside every other sad Dave thing out there I guess. Tbh it looks like just any old random kid, but David is who I had in mind when drawing, so that’s what this drawing is about!


I’m sorry…for being absolutely not sorry about this :>

This outfit was coordinated to match a bracelet my penpal made for me. The plaid patterns are created from a scan of the actual items in question. Warm and classy, would wear again. (In case it wasn’t clear, these are my clothes)

I love glasses. Words cannot express how much I looooove glasses of all kinds.

Needless to say, when I finally noticed that the Ben Stiller glasses were actually aviators (In that tiny pixellated signed photo), I flipped my shit and proceeded to draw them. The glasses, that is. To be honest I kind of hate aviators and I think they are the pinnacle of douchebaggery fashion, and yet they kind of grew on me after being drawn. Also, I will grudgingly admit that they do look pretty hot on some people. But just…for the record, if you’re a normal, real life, 13 year old wearing aviators indoors, about the only thing you’ll achieve is looking like a complete tool.

On a different note, not much fanart seems to acknowledge the aviator status of Dave’s shades. Not sure if it’s because the fanartists aren’t aware of how to draw their unique teardrop shape or if it’s because they never noticed, like me. I used to draw them all wayfarer-like myself. Alternatively, we like doing what we want and ignoring canon. As for me, I think I’ll stick with the famous Ray-Ban sunnies from now on B)

EDIT: Okay someone tell me how to stop tumblr from resizing my images…please? ;A; It’s scaled down as it is…

anonymous said:

How did you find out your Patron Troll? Some people say it's just the troll that shares your zodiac or whatever, but other people say you have to add the date of your birthday and do all this crazy stuff. I dunno, I'm confused.

I just use my zodiac. I mean, the trolls’ personalities are loosely based off the common personality traits of their respective zodiac sign. I don’t know why you’d go around trying to complicate the whole thing.

For example, Cancer people are usually moody, Libras are flirty, Virgos are fussy, Leos are imaginative, Geminis are bipolar, etc. So having that respective troll as your patron troll will have the same amount of accuracy as a regular ‘Sun Sign’ horoscope.


Yeeeah the Cancer constellation looks nothing like a crab. Have fun, whoever you are o/


Tumblr so far is…weird.

So far, every post I feel has some merit has been ignored, and in contrast, every post that didn’t take effort has been giddily spread around. (With the exception of crappy art that doesn’t happen to be fanart)

Maybe I shouldn’t think too hard on this and just do what I feel like, and not care about who cares and who doesn’t. I think I’ll do that.


Have a Dirk with a bird on his head.