I learned to read and write Kryptonese after seeing Rosetta, the first Smallville episode with Christopher Reeve as Dr. Swann. I loved that the show integrated the translatable alphabet DC used in the comics and took it further by creating single glyphs that represented words. Seeing that their symbol for “hope” contained the individual letter for the word inspired me to make glyphs of my own that followed the same rules.

I don’t always fit all the letters into the “word” (design has to come into play at some point, and Kryptonese shouldn’t translate to English perfectly anyway). All of which is to introduce this as my son’s name!

I don’t think anyone could really figure out the name based on this. If you could figure out all the letters used (including the one that’s missing), it would still be a jumble to be sorted out. But it’s his name in any case. This may become a tattoo down the line.


Anybody relatively familiar with Kryptonian/Kryptonese?

The above picture is my tattoo on my right wrist of the word “hope” in the 90s Kryptonese. It’s literal - h-o-p-e.

I’m looking to get the same word in the new Kryptonian font from Man Of Steel inked above it and wanted to check I’ve got it right. I put “hope” in as my name on the Man Of Steel site’s glyph creator. I ran it past and get the phonetic “ha” and “p”. Is this correct? I’ve added the little dip at the end - I think this is the way words are closed off.

Any help is much appreciated :o)