Okay but remember how Quidditch rules say that the players can bring their wands on to the field (with the stipulation that if they use it against an opposing member, the balls in play, or the audience they automatically forfeit)? Imagine during the Second Wizarding War, as Quidditch games continue on for a sense of normalcy and what have you, that Dark Wizards find it in their interest and amusements to terrorize said games. And just imagine this big uproar and players and spectators dodging and running every which way. Some people are fighting full on. Some people are casting defensive spells until they can get an open window to run. 

And then there’s Viktor Krum, rocketing about as a blur, dodging spells and curses and flying Bludgers and he just without hesitation whipping his wand out and just. With the darkest expression, a face of concentration that could easily match that of which he wears when pursuing the Snitch—Viktor Krum turns from Quidditch superstar to unabashed fighter; there’s curses and hexes flashing everywhere, rebounding, deflected and occasionally not soon enough. And no one is underestimating Viktor Krum any longer. 

Best part of this entire terrible fic:

“Soo…I’ve been, er, keeping up with your, uh, press interviews.  Very interesting…So how’d Hermione take Rita Skeeter’s ‘lovely’ report?”  Lupin grinned.

“Oh you know Hermione, she was over the moon about it.” He rolled his eyes.  “You know—she smiled, she laughed, she vowed revenge.”

“Ah I figured there was no truth to it.”

“Well the part about Hermione dating Krum was true. But the rest of the ‘love-triangle’ was more of a circle.”

“What do you mean?”

Harry thought of Rita Skeeter, trapped as a bug, by a 14 year old girl.  “Oh you know—‘what goes around comes around.’”