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Kröwnn - Gods of Magnitogorsk

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BillyGoat Interviews Kröwnn!


I discovered Kröwnn last fall, by way of a friend my friend Angela from Doomed Metal Front. One, two songs into their debut album Hyborian Age (2013 - PRC Music) and I was enthralled. Not only was Kröwnn one of the few metal bands I’ve heard from Venice, but there was something about the songwriting that hearkened back to the era of classic 70’s doom…and I loved it!

Kröwnn is:

  • Michele el Lello Carnielli - Vocals, Guitars
  • Silvia Selvaggia Rossato - Bass Guitar
  • Elena Fiorenzano - Drums


BillyGoat: Kröwnn has been going strong since 2012. What brought the three of you together, and what keeps you going?

Kröwnn: We decided to put the band together mainly because we are big fans of the old school doom metal and we wanted badly to play that genre. As one of our main references, we thought it was a good idea to put together some song by some unpretentious jam, and in the end we were pretty much satisfied with the result. The three of us have been friends for a long time, for at least twenty years (since we were kids), and this is the main element of our band. The rehearsal room is first and foremost a place where we can be together as friends; music is just a consequence of this.

BillyGoat: How did you arrive at the band’s name?

Kröwnn: In our conception of monikers, we needed something very simple to the sound. We wanted something iconic, used in fantasy imaginary, and we examined a relatively large number of names, especially wanting to avoid the use terms of the titles of Black Sabbath’s songs. Besides, we needed a whimsical and weird approach, so we put the “K” and the double “n,” starting from the word “Crown.” The umlaut is to achieve a certain krautrock effect. (laughs)

BillyGoat: What other names were you considering?

Kröwnn: The first name that we considered was “Silen,” the harpy in Devilman’s comic, but there was already a band called that. The other names we considered are actually included in the texts of the songs contained in our album, Hyborian Age.

BillyGoat: In a moment, I’m going to ask Kröwnn to walk us through Hyborian Age, track-by-track. In the meanwhile, enjoy the music video for the song, “Gods of Magnitogorsk” produced by Wizard and Blond.

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